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When Nuance Digital Customer Engagement Platform underwent a SWOT assessment by Ovum Consulting, we were confident in the outcome, and for good reason. We knew…
We saw it coming - Nuance digital engagement for customers analysis brings good news

It’s almost the end of the year, and many companies are well underway with employee performance appraisals. It’s hard going through assessments for your job. Not only do you have to take a hard, honest look at yourself and your performance, but your boss and some of those around you evaluate what you’ve done to contribute to your company’s success.

However, when Nuance Digital Customer Engagement Platform underwent a SWOT assessment by Ovum Consulting, the company was confident in the outcome, and for good reason.

We knew the strengths of our platform: seamless omni-channel engagement, rich context, continuous improvement through a “learning loop”, diverse portfolio that includes our intelligent virtual assistant Nina, integration with several messaging channels, and expertise, broad partnerships, and a large customer base.

We knew that our intelligent virtual assistant shines above the competition with its understanding of language, context and intent, its ability to have the same conversation across multiple channels and the power to connect seamlessly to live agents when needed. And we knew that one of our big differentiators is the platform’s voice biometric capabilities – a hot topic these days with increased concern over data security.

We knew that more enterprises need to know about our long, proven history of natural language speech recognition capabilities. And we knew that if the word isn’t spread loudly enough, the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence innovation could possibly overshadow our own path-forging leadership in creating seamless, intelligent and automated omni-channel engagements.

That’s not such a bad problem to have… We’re leading the pack in intelligent customer engagement – we just have to shout it from the mountain tops!

To read what Ovum had to say in their SWOT assessment, go here.

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Josefine Fouarge is Sr. Product Marketing Manager in the Nuance Enterprise Division, focusing on automated and human assisted engagements in digital channels. Josefine brings more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing for technology related businesses in Germany and the U.S. Her past expertise ranges from selling and configuring Apple computers to defining the market and messaging for a security software for on-premise datacenters and services offered through the cloud.