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Relief for 7 IVR headaches

The IVR continues to be the most direct way to resolve customer issues and escalations. Yet many IVRs have not been updated in years to reflect new technology and changing consumer trends. As a result, callers are left frustrated when a few simple fixes could leave them delighted instead. Check out this infographic, which outlines seven ways your IVR may be making your customers head spin (and ache) unnecessarily.
Customers are using the IVR as an escalation channel, so when they call in, they’re already impatient and most likely frustrated.

The IVR may not grab the attention like digital channels (mobile, web), but it’s still the preferred method for consumers to resolve issues and a critical part of a company’s customer service strategy. However, far too many companies today continue to manage their IVR as a siloed channel that’s working okay and doesn’t warrant incremental investment. But customers notice when the IVR is the weak link in their customer service journey and they don’t like it.

Organizations need to take a hard look at the experience they are offering their customers in the IVR in comparison with their other service channels. The infographic below illustrates seven ways an IVR may be guilty of causing headaches for customers. See if any of these happen in your company’s IVR and how to administer the right relief to drive improvement.

IVR headache infographic 3

And if you’re interested in learning more about how to refresh your IVR, check out this report from Frost and Sullivan.

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Infographic: 7 IVR-Induced Customer Headaches. Is Your IVR Guilty?

What does your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system say about your organization? If you care about your brand reputation and competitive position, it’s time to rethink your IVR experience.


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