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In the age of digital transformation brands are facing a growing challenge of more and more channels that can be used for customer service. Their customers are using them, whether the brand has already integrated them into their strategy or not. One of the channels that has been disconnected for some years now is social media networks.
Customer service gets up-leveled with social media engagements added to your digital engagement strategy

Customer service has always been a challenge for brands. How do you help the customer in their moment of need if you barely know anything about them? If they have an issue they send an email, or call, or go to the website and try to figure it out themselves. There are so many options from which the customer can choose, and all of them seem to have one thing in common: they are disconnected.

The customer doesn’t think about channels the way we do. They connect with you, the brand, in the way they feel most comfortable. And if they don’t get resolution they switch channels, probably to a more costly engagement for you. How easy is it for your contact center agents to see past conversations your customer had in any other channel? How much information do you have about the journey they took across a variety of channels? Do you have insights that cross phone engagements, text messages, web interactions and social comments?

The more new channels are introduced and the more hypes we experience, the more challenging it becomes to keep up with the customer service of today. Digital transformation is already puzzling enough, and the evolution of digital channels doesn’t seem to make it easier. When we think about “digital” we think about websites, apps and messaging, but there still seems to be a disconnect to social media.

With the growing number of social media users (in their latest earnings report, Facebook just reported that nearly 2.1 billion people are using it every month) more and more of them are using this medium as a customer service channel. So how is it possible that a brand’s customer care agents have either access to the social side or the branded, digital side – but rarely both? Receiving a message like “if you are talking about the chat feature in the mobile app, that’s totally separate from our messaging here on [Facebook]” can be frustrating, especially if I as a customer had a conversation on the other channel before and now have to repeat everything.

The Nuance goal is to help you deliver a superior customer experience. Our AI-driven Omni-Channel Engagement Platform has always been capable of moving customers between channels without losing the context, even from social media to a branded environment. We have now added the ability to listen to social media conversations, intelligently route new comments or “tweets” to the agent with the right skillset and engage with customers directly on their channel of choice.

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Josefine Fouarge is Sr. Product Marketing Manager in the Nuance Enterprise Division, focusing on automated and human assisted engagements in digital channels. Josefine brings more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing for technology related businesses in Germany and the U.S. Her past expertise ranges from selling and configuring Apple computers to defining the market and messaging for a security software for on-premise datacenters and services offered through the cloud.