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Spring cleaning: how to declutter your company’s customer service

Have you found your brand’s customer service program drowning in a sea of software, silos and squander? It’s time for spring cleaning! Learn how companies can shed old processes, and create more effective and efficient customer service solutions.
Even businesses need to indulge in spring cleaning efforts, as they do away with old customer service processes and make way for better ones.

There’s a book on the New York Times best seller list that’s all the rage in the U.S.: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Why are Americans so hungry for a how-to guide to organize their home? A UCLA study found that middle-class Americans face a clutter crisis due to a continuous deluge of hyper-discount goods. The madness of accumulating stuff has driven people to a breaking point, and they’re ready to self-assess and reprogram.

Kondo’s method of decluttering centers around the question “What sparks joy?” She instructs readers to take inventory of their belongings by holding each item and asking themselves if it makes them happy. If it doesn’t, then chuck it. Once they’ve purged the non-joy-inducing items, they can then easily recognize the true holes in their wardrobe, kitchen, library, etc. The overarching benefit of this process? The simplified surroundings enable people to be more productive and fulfilled.


What does Tidying Up have to do with customer service?

The same clutter crisis can happen with a large company that invests in multiple customer engagement solutions. Businesses find themselves trying an assortment of solutions for each individual area or channel. But often, those disparate systems don’t work well together, resulting in inefficiency and unnecessary complexity. When this happens, it’s time for companies to step away from the chaos and experience the game-changing magic of tidying up.


Brands should take inventory of joy-inducing programs

First, you as a brand, should “take inventory” of your customer service processes and solutions. Does the performance of each one bring joy to the customer or joy to your bottom line? If the answer is no, it’s time for a change. Once you’ve weeded through the non-joy-inducing programs, look and see where the holes are. What are you lacking? Is it efficiency? Is it proficiency? Is it unity among the various channels? What about the ability to measure cross-channel performance?


If it doesn’t add value, it’s time to simplify

Kondo’s decluttering method may seem over-simplified, and certainly the application of this method upon a brand’s customer service is extraordinarily simplistic! But what resonates for both individual people and large enterprises is the mindset that if it’s not working for you (and it’s not adding true value), it doesn’t belong in your life or business.

Marie Kondo is a professional cleaning consultant who untangles messes for clients (who wait for her services for three months). Sometimes, spring cleaning is much more successful when someone on the outside looks in on your muddled life to transform it into one that works more efficiently and effectively for you.

When seeking an objective outside perspective, large enterprises will find it pertinent to partner with a vendor who is in high demand for transforming customer experience with exceptional professional services and best-in-class technology. Organizations and vendors can collaborate to declutter the multiple channels of technology and contact center operations that don’t work together. From there, in order to provide the type of customer service that brings joy and satisfaction to consumers, businesses can work with vendors to organize their omni-channel customer service program into five critical components: 1) a digital-first strategy, 2) connected conversations, 3) targeted interactions, 4) anticipatory involvement, and 5) use of artificial intelligence. With the ability to view these components within one unified platform, you’ll then begin to see the rewards of your catharsis and restructuring.


Are you ready for spring cleaning?

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