Technology’s role in caring for thousands of pensioners in Mexico

In Mexico City, thousands of pensioners are forced to travel to their banks every six months to give their “proof of life.” This process helps to prevent fraud by ensuring that the correct and deserving person is receiving the pension. Unfortunately, many elderly citizens don’t have transportation or have health issues that make traveling difficult, time consuming, and costly. Through utilizing voice biometric technology, a new system called VIVA VOZ allows pensioners to prove their identity without leaving their homes, significantly improving the “proof of life” process for thousands

Every six months, thousands of elderly citizens in Mexico City have to show up in person at their bank to prove their identity before collecting their pension check. If the pensioner fails to show up, the pension will not be given. The process, known as “proof of life”, is important as it ensures that taxpayers’ money is being spent correctly and that pensions are being paid to the correct pensioners and not fraudsters who are taking advantage of the elderly. Pension funds lose millions by paying pensions to friends and relatives of the deceased. Traditionally, the “proof of life” process requires pensioners to travel to the bank, wait in long lines, and undergo interrogative questioning. Many have health issues or don’t even have the means for transportation, making this process inconvenient, if not sometimes impossible.

Fortunately, the Government of Mexico City and Santander have decided to transform this process with voice biometric technology. In addition to the recently announced
voice biometrics deployment from Banco Santander Mexico, The Government of Mexico City is partnering with Santander to offer the Nuance’s VocalPassword™ solution to its 19,000 pensioners for the “proof of life” process. The system, called VIVA VOZ (Virtual Voice Signature), enables pensioners to fulfill the required process without leaving their homes by simply picking up a phone and saying a passphrase, such as “At Santander, my voice is my password.” Take a look at this video that shows the drastic impact the voice biometrics solution is having on the people of Mexico City.

This is a showcase example of how technology can be used to make lives easier.  In all cultures, it’s an important principle that the elderly are treated with dignity and respect, and VIVA VOZ allows them to fulfill the “proof of life” process without requiring them to leave the comfort of their own homes. I applaud Banco Santander Mexico for their innovation, as they partnered with the Government of Mexico City to go beyond the traditional application of voice biometrics to provide such a meaningful solution to the public. I’d love to hear your comments on additional ways you believe this technology can change the world for the better. Check out this webinar to understand different ways financial institutions are transforming the authentication process and the customer experience.

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