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Webinar: 5 trends fueling the adoption of voice biometrics in the contact center & beyond

As voice biometrics heads towards 1 billion enrollments, it’s spawning other customer authentication trends in the contact center. Is your organization keeping pace—or are you at risk of falling behind? Join our webinar with Opus Research on November 15 to learn why intelligent authentication has transformed into a ‘must have’ and get a sneak peek at what the future holds for biometrics.
Voice biometrics has gone mainstream due to recent increase in fraud and security needs, more mobile consumers, increased attention on other biometric authentication such as iris and fingerprint, and the growing expectations of consumers for an omni-channel experience.

The latest Opus Research census on voice biometrics finds that the industry is expected to have more than 1 billion enrollments by 2020! Leading global organizations are kicking PINs and passwords to the curb at an accelerated pace — enabling customers to use the simple power of their voice for speedy, secure authentication across all channels (IVR, mobile, web) with biometric technologies that elevate the entire customer experience.

Is your organization fully leveraging the value of voice biometrics?

There are five major trends driving the increased adoption of voice biometrics – especially for telecommunications and financial institutions. Voice biometrics has been implemented in many contact centers due to the cost-savings businesses see as a result of shortened time to authenticate callers and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

While reducing costs and improving the customer experience are important, organizations also need to  manage risk, fraud, security, and privacy in the wake of ever-increasing cyber-attacks and data breaches. All these factors have helped to advance the widespread adoption and state of voice biometrics technology.

Join us November 15 to hear more from Dan Miller of Opus Research and me on “5 Trends Fueling the Adoption of Biometrics Authentication in the Contact Center & Beyond” and learn:

  • Why voice biometrics is now essential for detecting and fighting fraud in the contact center—in addition to improving customer experience and reducing costs
  • How forward-thinking organizations are using voice alongside other biometric modalities – including facial and behavioral – in contact center and digital channels
  • New ways to satisfy customers with friction-free, omni-channel authentication

Whether you’ve already adopted some form of biometrics or are still using PINs and passwords, this is a webinar you can’t afford to miss.

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5 Trends Fueling the Adoption of Biometric Authentication in the Contact Center & Beyond

As voice biometrics heads towards 1 billion enrollments, it’s spawning other customer authentication trends in the contact center and beyond. Join our webinar on November 15 to hear the 5 trends driving adoption.

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