Making the case for intelligent virtual assistant technology

Gone are the days of standing in line to speak with a bank teller or using the drive through to deposit every check. The modern banking consumer demands an effortless customer experience that meets their needs how, when, and where they want. Nuance makes the case for how virtual assistant technology can deliver a better, more personalized experience that exceeds the expectations of today’s digital banking customer.
Today’s digitally savvy banking customer calls for a smarter, virtual assistant to meet their needs.

Today’s consumers are always connected and highly demanding. In the banking industry, the days of depositing every check in person are firmly in the past. The modern banking consumer demands an effortless customer experience that offers ease and convenience anytime, anywhere.

In the words of Brett King, iconoclastic author of Banking 3.0, “banking is no longer somewhere you go, it’s something you do.”

Consumers are interacting with their financial institutions through a variety of channels and devices. Banks are catching on and turning their focus to integrating technology that is convenient and flexible across channels to meet the needs of today’s digitally savvy consumer.

In a recent Australian Business Spectator article, Clive Roberts, business development manager of financial services at Nuance in Australia, writes about the comeback of the bank branch concierge. But while a live chat with the friendly and helpful branch concierge is an important element of customer service, the virtual experience is just as important. In fact, one of the key responsibilities of the branch concierge is to introduce customers to their digital counterparts.

With intelligent virtual assistant technology, customers can get the banking help they need through a seamless, conversational self-service solution. A virtual assistant can also leverage existing customer data to help businesses personalize the experience more efficiently to deliver a better experience.

Check out Clive’s full article as he makes the case for intelligent virtual assistants:




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