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Voice biometrics positively impacts brand – learnings from Opus Voice Biometrics Conference

This year’s Opus Research Voice Biometrics Conference London brought together several organizations to express the benefits received from implementing voice biometrics. A particularly impactful presentation was given by Mr. Michal Liday, spokesperson from Tatra Banka, who spoke about the customer experience differentiation provided by voice biometrics technology. Additionally, participants discussed the future of voice biometrics from a mobile perspective. Video content shown at the conference, and included within this post, reinforced the significance of voice biometrics in the call center.

Last week, Opus Research conducted another stellar voice biometrics conference (VBC). This is the fourth VBC event that I’ve participated in, and I was very pleased that once again we had the opportunity to hear from several organizations that have benefited immensely from voice biometrics on a number of fronts. Without a doubt, the most impactful presentation in my mind was delivered by Mr. Michal Liday, who heads up retail bank operations at Tatra Banka, one of Slovakia’s largest financial institutions and a subsidiary of Raiffesen Bank International AG. Mr. Liday’s presentation was impactful for several reasons, but what resonated the most for me is how voice biometrics was viewed by Tatra Banka as a way to differentiate the customer experience, and further strengthen their brand positioning as an innovative FI in the Slovak market. Indeed, Mr. Liday stated: “It’s very important for us that the Tatra brand is synonymous with the word ‘innovation.’ Voice biometrics has allowed us to reinforce our leadership position.” Not surprisingly, Tatra Banka has aired several TV commercials highlighting their voice biometrics solution. To see one of their TV commercials below (in Slovak with English subtitles), click here:

Mr. Liday also shared a very insightful video that highlights how voice biometrics transforms the caller experience:

Beyond Mr. Liday’s presentation, we also heard voice biometrics success stories from organizations such as Barclays Wealth and Eastern Bank, for example. A lot of the discussions at the event centered around where voice biometrics is headed next, in particular how its increasing adoption in mobile apps will have a transformative effect on this industry by significantly expanding usage. Andrew Foote, strategist as Wells Fargo, echoed this sentiment by sharing his views on how well voice biometrics “fit” in mobile applications. I am a strong proponent of this view, as I see two key trends emerging that are favorable to the use of voice biometrics in a mobile context. First, consumers are increasingly migrating to their SmartPhones to perform everything from managing their finances, to shopping, to booking their next flight, and each of these tasks require a layer of security. The second trend is the increasing use of speech as a modality to interact with mobile devices. Combined, these trends hint that voice biometrics will play a very important role to secure those mobile interactions, but more importantly, to deliver an end-to-end speech experience. Consider that combining voice biometrics with natural language speech recognition, consumers will be able to pay their bill within seconds, by two simple phrases “My voice is my password. Pay my credit card bill.” The ease and security that this experience delivers will, in my view, transform how we interact with our mobile devices. Needless to say, I’m very excited to hear about organizations that are implementing this vision at the next voice biometrics conference!

Back to London – I recommend that you view the following video that highlights some of the key ideas expressed at VBC, including insights from representatives of DBS, ING Bank, Vodafone, Australian National Tax Office and others sharing their views on voice biometrics:

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