Is your website failing?

In the amount of time it takes you to read this blog, your customers are likely to have abandoned your website because they couldn’t find what they were looking for, shows a new study of 6,000 U.S. and global consumers. This new research reveals consumers have high expectations for corporate websites, and when businesses don’t deliver – 71% say they frequently receive incomplete information from corporate websites - customers will quickly turn to alternative sources. So what do consumers want? How can companies adapt their web strategy to deliver? Discover the answers here.
Websites are getting increasingly complex. Businesses must offer simplicity and efficiency to win over customers.

Abandonment and churn. These two words strike fear in our hearts as customer experience executives, marketers and business people. It’s why year after year businesses spend millions investing in their websites – adding content, service portals, and more.

The goal is reduce complexity for customers. To connect them to the products and services they want most. To allow them to self-serve. To keep them loyal, happy and satisfied. While these intentions are good and the efforts well directed (customers do prefer to self-serve on the web when the experience is properly designed) new research has found that the execution has left customers wanting.


A web of confusion

What do consumers want from web experiences, and are companies delivering? In order to answer this question, Nuance partnered with Wakefield Research, a market research consultancy, to conduct a survey of 6,000 U.S. and global consumers.

What we discovered is that as websites have grown in size (the average site has skyrocketed past 300 pages) consumers are left searching through a complex maze and are largely dissatisfied. Websites that were developed to attract, convert and service customers are in fact having the opposite effect.


Consumers give your website only 30 seconds

In fact, the research found when searching for a product, information or answer, 1 in 3 consumers will give a website only 30 seconds before turning to another source. Most websites are taking far longer to deliver.

When consumers can’t find what they’re looking for – 71% say they frequently receive incomplete information from corporate websites – they turn to Google or escalate to your contact center.

The impact to companies is severe. New competitors are introduced, operating costs rise and what’s worse – two thirds of consumers say they’re likely to stop doing business with a company whose site is difficult to use.


Learn what drives consumers to convert and churn online

So what do consumers want? How should companies adapt their web strategies to deliver?

Join Nuance and Wakefield Research on October 19th as we debut the key findings from the research. Wakefield Research will discuss what consumers really want from websites, common mistakes to avoid, and simple ways you can adapt your strategy to stand out and win.

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Websites are essential assets for businesses. But research shows, most corporate websites are missing the mark.

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