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Wonder Woman and customer service

Summer blockbuster Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2. If movies can have super heroes, why can't companies? They can! Josefine outlines how to make a virtual assistant the hero of your customer service efforts for messaging channels.
Make your virtual assistant a super hero for your business.

Wonder Woman is, well, wonder-ful. I like her because she has bullet-proof bracelets and a magical lasso that, wrapped around a person, forces them to tell the truth – both very useful tools in everyday life. Unfortunately, Hollywood super heroes aren’t real. Which is too bad, as today’s consumers could use someone to help them battle the fight for a fast answer to their question.

With the shift of communication channels to mobile phones and messaging applications, brands struggle to keep up with consumers’ expectations for immediate answers. Since 2011, with the rise of Facebook Messenger, consumers want to consolidate their communication channels with friends and family. And thanks to the introduction of chatbots within messaging platforms, brands can also communicate with customers in these channels.


Get rid of the villains in your customer engagement

Messaging allows users to answer at any given time, and the history of the conversation is never lost, which makes it easier to follow up on topics hours, and even days, later. The problem is that there are many villains (poorly designed platforms) out there that don’t answer questions in a timely manner, deliver wrong or unhelpful results, and force customers to run in circles and constantly repeat themselves. All in all, it can be a very frustrating experience that sucks the life out of the user.

Engaging with businesses could be so much simpler, if there would be fewer villains and more real-life super heroes. These “heroes” would have amazing capabilities such as:

  • Answering questions at the speed of light
  • Solving issues as easily as leaping over tall buildings in a single bound
  • Reading the customer’s mind by having access to 3rd party data
  • Being able to handle any number of incoming messages, thanks to robust strength
  • Jumping back in time to receive context from prior conversations

Thankfully, there are not-so-secret societies out there that help businesses deliver incredible customer service on messaging platforms. Nuance’s Wonder Woman is not called Diana Prince, but Nina, and she doesn’t wear a cape. Instead she can answer customers’ questions immediately, and, even if your customers answer a day later, she can continue seamlessly by referencing the history of the conversation.


Request help from other super heroes

Similar to the Justice League, your customer service can have several super heroes. A virtual assistant is just one of the members with incredible superpowers. Human agents can help save the day as well. In those cases where the virtual assistant can’t assist your customer – for example, if the request is rather complex – the engagement can be moved to a live chat agent. Equipped with the context of the prior conversation, the chat agent can then leverage their own super power to continue assisting your customers for maximum customer satisfaction.

To learn even more about automated and human engagements in Messaging channels and best practices for efficient and stellar customer engagement, join me and my guest Julie Ask, Vice President, Forrester Research for a webinar on June 8th, 8am PT/ 11am ET.

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Josefine Fouarge is Sr. Product Marketing Manager in the Nuance Enterprise Division, focusing on automated and human assisted engagements in digital channels. Josefine brings more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing for technology related businesses in Germany and the U.S. Her past expertise ranges from selling and configuring Apple computers to defining the market and messaging for a security software for on-premise datacenters and services offered through the cloud.