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This month, at Nuance Healthcare, we sat down with Azalea Health Innovations, Inc. to ask them a few questions about their new voice-enabled app: Azalea EHR. Check out the interview below.

What does your App do?

The ONC-Certified complete ambulatory Azalea℠ EHR system, which is cloud-based and web-based, encompasses the entire spectrum of a medical practice from scheduling, charting, e-prescribing, and billing to laboratory ordering and reporting, pre-authorization solutions, online CPOE, online personal health records and Meaningful Use certification. Azalea℠ EHR features a dashboard that gives you real-time status updates of how close you are to meeting “Meaningful Use” requirements. Azalea℠ EHR also provides patient education and a secure messaging system between the patient and his/her provider(s) that is fully HIPAA compliant.

Who uses your App?

Physician offices, hospitals and surgery centers.

What are the top 5 features/benefits of your App?

  1. Meaningful Use Dashboard: Azalea EHR features a Meaningful Use dashboard that tells you how close you are to meeting Meaningful Use requirements. Meaningful Use measures are listed and a real-time percentage of how close you are to meeting that measure is shown at all times.
  2. Simple, Easy-to -Use System: Users will enjoy simple site navigation designed to allow the user to move rapidly within the system. The Azalea EHR is quick, easy-to-use and constructed to reduce the amount of time it takes for the user to complete a task.
  3. No Hardware or Software Installation Required: Being a web-based and cloud-based system allows Azalea EHR to operate on a web browser alone. That’s it. No other hardware or software is required. Azalea EHR is built based on web standards and is updated regularly without assistance from the user.
  4. Online Personal Health Records Portal: An online Personal Health Record portal that allows patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare provider(s). In addition, patients can view their allergies, medication list, problem history, lab results, and schedules – as well as update their demographic information and pay bills online. The patient information is secure and HIPAA compliant.
  5. Online Lab Ordering and Resulting: Online CPOE is easy through Azalea EHR with Azalea LabHub℠.  Azalea LabHub will simplify your ordering and resulting process, reducing errors and improving accuracy of orders.

How does medical voice recognition from Nuance Healthcare improve clinical workflow and patient care in your App?

The cloud-based medical voice recognition from Nuance Healthcare has greatly improved the Azalea EHR platform. The convenience of Azalea℠ EHR with the voice recognition feature is immeasurable. Physicians are now able to transcribe more accurate notes from their patients’ visit while increasing productivity and reducing report turnaround time. This, in return, gives the physician more time to ensure that each and every patient receives exemplary care. The feature also allows doctors to transcribe their notes in their own words, allowing them to submit more complete documentation and receive a higher level of reimbursement.

What devices/platforms are supported by your speech-enabled App?

Azalea EHR is a cloud-based system that requires a browser, which can run-on any mobile device or desktop regardless of which browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) the user prefers.

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