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What does your App do?

Care Thread provides secure mobile messaging and team-based collaboration solutions that empower hospital providers to maximize communications and productivity across care teams. Care Thread delivers a HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging solution that provides every member of the care team with real-time information detailing a patient’s status and treatment. Care Thread’s suite of collaboration tools foster best practices through hand-off summaries for care transitions and task lists that can be shared with a patient’s care team and help promote improved teamwork, care coordination and patient safety while reducing time to discharge.

Who uses your App?

Care Thread is used by doctors, nurses, clinicians, and other consults for improved team collaboration and care coordination.

What are the top 5 features/benefits of your App?

  1. Care Thread’s encrypted, HIPAA-compliant Secure Mobile Messaging platform enables providers to communicate with a colleague or the patient’s entire care team.
  2. Our exclusive Care Team Mapping connects the physicians, nurses, and other providers caring for each patient so that everyone knows who to contact – streamlining team communication and care coordination.
  3. Hand-Off Summaries capture the concise clinical data that providers need to deliver safer care transitions. This ensures that important information about each patient is relayed between providers.
  4. Shared Task Lists allow providers to create and prioritize tasks associated with each patient. Status of each task is visible to the entire care team, thus enabling improved workflows and eliminating communication gaps.
  5. Most important, we avoid the risk of breach of protected health information (PHI) or non-compliance by storing no messages or data on the provider’s mobile device.

How does medical speech recognition from Nuance Healthcare improve clinical workflow and patient care in your App?

By incorporating speech recognition powered by Nuance Healthcare into our secure mobile messaging, hand-off summaries, and shared task list solutions, providers experience greater efficiency and improved accuracy when communicating with other members of a patient’s care team. Plus, its robust medical vocabulary features the mission-critical “language” spoken by hospital providers daily, helping to minimize transcription errors that could result in a miscommunication among the care team. Put simply, the Nuance Healthcare’s speech recognition technology is vital to the Care Thread Messaging and Collaboration tools’ performance in today’s fast-paced hospital environments.

What devices/platforms (iOS, Android, Browser, Desktop) are supported by your App?

Care Thread can be accessed through iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod touch) and Android smartphones, and through a web browser

Company: Care Thread, www.carethread.com

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Jonathon Dreyer

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Jonathon Dreyer is the vice president of solutions marketing for Nuance where he is driving a physician-first approach to medicine by bringing cloud-based speech recognition and clinical language understanding technology to a worldwide community of healthcare IT developers and provider organizations. Prior to his current role, Jon worked as the solutions marketing manager for Diagnostic Imaging at Nuance and previously headed up marketing at Commissure Inc., a provider of clinical documentation and healthcare communication solutions. Jon graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors at Wayne State University where he earned a B.S business administration.