Developer company name:  Zoeticx, Inc.

Name of apps: Nuance speech recognition technology is used with our CareIntelligence app, CareHistory app, and CareSynergy app on iOS devices.

Who is your target audience (e.g. patients, providers) and what are your apps’ key offerings?
Zoeticx designs apps for hospitals and clinical facilities with a targeted user-base of medical professionals (i.e., doctors, nurses, etc.).  Our technology focuses on optimizing EMR navigation and documentation by:

  • Enabling caregivers to use their voice to expand screen panels, scroll left and right, access images, bring up documents and make other screen changes that previously required finger contact.
  • Providing medical professionals with access to Nuance’s dictionary of medical terms and phrases which streamlines use along with the convenience of setting voice recording levels.
  • Offering a convenient, hands-free environment to medical professionals that enables clinicians keep their focus on providing quality patient care, and not on technology.

What challenges or needs did you see/experience in the healthcare industry that drove you to build this app?
We know the pressures being placed on physicians are mounting, so we designed our app to maximize EHR navigation and documentation convenience for medical professionals.

What is the big “A-ha! moment” for your end users when you first demo your app for them?

  • Ease of use
  • No training required – intuitive interface
  • Access to electronic records in disparate EMR solutions through a single user interface
  • “Push” technology that transforms an inherently passive database into an active, supportive solution.

What inspires you when creating a mhealth app?
We are inspired knowing that we are helping clinicians easily navigate and document in medical records, driving better patient outcomes.

What physicians are saying about Zoeticx’s apps?
“From a medical industry perspective, Zoeticx offers a real break-through,” explains Howard Nearman, MD, MBA. “The Zoeticx collaboration platform addresses persistent issues in patient care that previously have remained unresolved. Now with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, the perfect storm has arrived to usher in real change and Zoeticx is in the right place, at the right time for that realization.”

How does this particular app help remove the barrier between the patient and physician?By enabling caregivers to use their voice to expand screen panels, scroll left and right, access images, bring up documents and make other screen changes – actions that previously required finger contact— we are creating a hands-free environment for clinicians.  This means that technology isn’t a distractor anymore and the caregiver’s full attention can be directed toward the patient.

Does it communicate with other health devices or apps?
Zoeticx apps have read/write capabilities with various EMR solutions, such as AllScripts.

In one sentence, tell us what you think the future of mobile health will look like.
We believe with healthcare technology advances, we can decrease preventable medical errors, reducing costs for the industry and consumers.

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Jonathon Dreyer

About Jonathon Dreyer

Jonathon Dreyer is the senior director of solutions marketing for Nuance’s Healthcare division where he is driving a physician-first approach to medicine by bringing cloud-based speech recognition and clinical language understanding technology to a worldwide community of healthcare IT developers and provider organizations. Prior to his current role, Jon worked as the solutions marketing manager for Diagnostic Imaging at Nuance and previously headed up marketing at Commissure Inc., a provider of clinical documentation and healthcare communication solutions. Jon graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors at Wayne State University where he earned a B.S business administration.