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We’re currently at the lemobile.fr Hackathon at the Centre Pompidou! The Hackathon runs parallel to the lemobile.fr 2013 conference – a well-known mobile conference here in Paris. We’re here with approximately 150 attendees in the Centre Pompidou – a huge cultural hotspot right in the center of Paris.

The Hackathon is focused on two well-known French brands: Casino and Allociné. Casino is one of the Top 5 French Cash&Carry retailers and Allociné is France’s biggest video and cinema portal. The challenge is to incorporate our unique speech recognition software into new mobile apps for these brands. Both brands have presented their existing mobile apps, and the API supporters pitched their API capabilities. The next 36 hours will be used to brainstorm and implement new ideas and features for the brand’s mobile apps – specifically using the power of voice!

We were able to get a short interview with Daniel Delsaut from Allociné. Daniel is responsible for Mobile and Application Marketing at Allociné. Here’s what he had to say about his company’s challenges and their hopes for the Hackathon:

Reimund: Daniel, please tell us about Allociné.

Daniel: Allociné is the number one video and cinema portal in France. We have around ten million unique visitors per month on our web portal and around 3.5 million on our mobile apps. Allociné runs portals in Germany, Turkey, Brazil, UK, Spain, and Brazil.

Reimund: Why are you here at the Hackathon?

Daniel: We are actually looking for innovation. We have lived in the mobile world for a long time and these kinds of sessions are helping us to get new ideas for our future products. Our ultimate goal of course is to launch new features which have been seeded during the Hackathon.

Reimund: What are your top challenges?

Daniel (laughing): Our challenges are certainly monetization and platform diversity. Why monetization? As mentioned before, approximately 30% of our traffic is from mobile, but only 5% of the advertisement revenue is coming from mobile. The power of mobile advertisement, especially personalization of that advertisement, has not yet been fully adapted by the market. The platform diversification is creating continuous porting and maintenance work for us. So, these are some things we’ll need to adapt to and overcome.

Reimund: Any feedback on Nuance’s Dragon TV product?

Daniel: This is definitely a great solution for TV OEMs and service providers. We should think about a content partnership in the movie and video space!

Reimund: I’ll come back to you on that.

Daniel: Two years ago we started with voice recognition activities based on the Xbox. The experience is very much based on replacing the “click” with a voice command. Next steps have to be taken. We look forward to incorporating more voice technology in the future.

Stay tuned here for more updates from lemobile.fr Hackathon – including the new speech-enabled mobile apps developed during the 36-hour event!

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