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mHealth app-of-the-month: NexSpeak

Creating technology that fits within a clinician’s workflow is essential, so NexTech designed a quick, mobile way enabling them to dictate their patient notes directly into an EMR from a hospital, Emergency Room, or office.

What does this app do?
NexSpeak allows physicians the freedom of using the NexTech iPad application with the reliability and medical accuracy of Nuance cloud-based medical speech recognition technology to complete their notes.

  • NexSpeak uses Nuance medical speech technology to eliminate the need for typing, saving clinicians’ time.
  • Ease of integration allows users to start up NexSpeak in the systems that normally require typing as the primary data entry method.
  • Speech recognition allows clinicians to document without having to type, freeing their hands up to examine the patient.
  • Fully-integrated medical dictation database promotes accurate documentation and is HIPPA compliant.
  • Voice navigation saves clinicians countless hours of having to re-type and correct words,
  • Integrated medical macros allow one-word note generation.

What challenges or needs did you see/experience in the healthcare industry that drove you to build this application?
Many physicians are already use to dictating, prior to going live with their electronic medical record (EMR) system.  However, creating technology that fits within a clinician’s workflow is essential, so we created a quick, mobile way to dictate their patient notes directly into an EMR from a hospital, Emergency Room, or office.

What is the big “A-ha! moment” for your end users when you first demo your app for them?
When they realize how accurately the app is picking up their words even with a heavy accent or dialect.

What inspires you when creating a health app?
We are driven to create the best user experience possible that allows clinicians to provide better patient care and gets them home early to their families.

How has Nuance technology changed your app?
It allows physicians to accurately and consistently capture their medically-correct dictation.

How does this particular app help remove the barrier between the patient and physician?
NexSpeak allows clinicians to look and focus on their patients and be more hands on, not stuck looking at a computer screen.

What is your vision for how this particular app can evolve over the next 5 years?
Our vision is to further develop this app so that clinicians can use voice commands from a microphone and not even be near a device to clinically document.

In one sentence, tell us what you think the future of mobile health will look like?
The future of mobile health will allow patients and doctors to communicate anywhere, at anytime.

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Jonathon Dreyer

About Jonathon Dreyer

Jonathon Dreyer is the vice president of solutions marketing for Nuance where he is driving a physician-first approach to medicine by bringing cloud-based speech recognition and clinical language understanding technology to a worldwide community of healthcare IT developers and provider organizations. Prior to his current role, Jon worked as the solutions marketing manager for Diagnostic Imaging at Nuance and previously headed up marketing at Commissure Inc., a provider of clinical documentation and healthcare communication solutions. Jon graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors at Wayne State University where he earned a B.S business administration.