Speech technology has the power to unlock the enormous potential of today’s advanced mobile devices—enabling faster, easier, and more dynamic interaction options. But for this potential to be fully realized, speech technologies must be accessible and available to the talented and innovative developers who seek to harness it. And with the recent launch of NDEV Mobile, we’ve done just that! 
The name of the game is choice—-and you asked us for more of it! Well we listened, and now we’re putting the full power of our Dragon Mobile SDK firmly in your hands! NDEV Mobile provides app developers with an array of new functionality and options to leverage Nuance speech technology for their own apps, allowing members to:
  • Reach new audiences around the world with 18 ASR speech recognition languages and 30+ supported TTS languages
  • Develop for new platforms including Windows Phone 7 (including Mango).
  • Use advanced technology like Bluetooth acoustic models, SSL encryption, and our web services interface.
  • Access our advanced customization services to tailor their app solutions to meet the diverse needs of their demanding user base.
And with three membership options (Silver, Gold, Emerald) to choose from, developers have more options and more flexibility than ever before to choose the path that best suits their needs and their budget.
We look forward to building new relationships with developers from across the globe to implement innovative new solutions and uses of our technology.
And rest assured—we aren’t done! We’re busy working on features and capabilities that will allow developers to do even more to innovate and unlock the power of the mobile universe. So if you have ideas around new features and functionality that you would like to see implemented, please reach out and let us know!


Jim Chou

About Jim Chou

This was a contributed post by Jim Chou, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nuance. To see more content like this, visit the Developers section of our blog.