NDEV gives developers even more voices and choices for app customization and extensibility

NDEV Mobile is enabling developers to reach new markets with the introduction of three speech recognition languages – Croatian, Hindi, and Indian-accented English, as well as six new text-to-speech voices. In addition, NDEV Mobile has upgraded its powerful cloud-based speech synthesis engine to enable an incredibly high degree of naturalness with over 20 new text-to-speech voices.

NDEV Mobile allows developers to offer immediate access to information and intuitive interaction with technology to their customers around the world. And today we’re excited to announce an update that allows our developers to reach millions of new users globally with the introduction of speech recognition support for Hindi, Indian-accented English, and Croatian, and text-to-speech support for Hebrew, Catalan, and more.

NDEV Mobile’s speech recognition gives your mobile app an incredibly intuitive and effortless experience, while text-to-speech opens up tremendous new possibilities for developers and their applications. Text-to-speech makes an array of hands-free use cases possible, including use cases that support a more conversational dialogue between people and technology. And through this interactivity in more than 20 voices – apps can take on their own unique personality.

Today’s update significantly increases the power of NDEV Mobile’s cloud-based text-to-speech service by enabling an incredible degree of naturalness, as demonstrated by our new flagship US English voices, Zoe and Ava.

Our cloud-text-to-speech is used today by industry heavy-weights like Mercedes Benz and JVC / Kenwood as well as by innovative independent developers for a wide range of applications and use cases, such as on-the-go news reading, interactive translation, turn-by-turn navigation and interactive personal assistants. Today’s enhancements will add value to these applications as well as support the rapid growth in text-to-speech for hands-free and eyes-free messaging, an interactive dialogue with health and fitness apps, and more.

Here’s what’s new:

New speech recognition languages

All NDEV developers now have access to speech recognition (general dictation, and web search) for Hindi, Indian-accented English and Croatian.

Upgraded speech synthesis engine

Our core speech synthesis engine has been upgraded laying the groundwork for significantly greater naturalness to our TTS voices with even more enhancements in the future.

New text-to-speech languages and voices

More than 20 new text-to-speech voices (including Ava and Zoe) and 6 new languages (Hebrew, Catalan, Valencian, Columbian Spanish, Galician, Belgian Dutch.) For our complete list of languages and voices and to listen to our voices using our interactive demo please see the languages and voices page  of the NDEV Mobile website.

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