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Greetings speech-enthusiasts! We are excited to report that ,more than 3,000 iOS and Android developers have joined the Nuance Mobile Developer Program (NMDP) and taken advantage of FREE access to the world renowned Dragon Mobile SDK to speech-enable their mobile apps—and the booming voices of their app fan base approval can be heard around the world!  
So who is utilizing the awesome power of the Dragon SDK to enhance their app with dynamic new speech functionality!? Here’s a look at some of the latest newly speech-enabled apps through NMDP:
  • Yellow Pages: The Yellow Pages app courtesy of Avantar allows iOS users to simply speak to find their local business search details! Go ahead and give it a try: Just say “Pizza in Chicago, Illinois” and the app returns a listing of the best pizza places in Chicago!
  • EZ CM Connect: This is a cool new app from EZ Access that allows project team members to access, review, and share project documents via email. App users can even update and edit documents just by using their voice! How’s that for a productivity boost!
  • CapnTrans: This latest version of the popular translation app from Keystone Technology comes equipped with voice recognition—meaning that you can speak works and phrases and have them translated into English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese!
NMDP provides iOS and Android developers with access to the one-of-a-kind Dragon Mobile SDK—featuring the same core speech recognition capabilities found in our popular lineup of Dragon Mobile Apps. And with NMDP, we’ve made speech-enabling YOUR app easy as pie—you can literally start speaking to your app in just minutes!
To learn more, visit us here. Registration is absolutely free, so come and join us today!



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