Now, more than ever, voice recognition is in the spotlight. With many products in the market integrating the voice experience, voice recognition is becoming a must-have feature in the auto, smartphone and TV space.

That’s what NDEV Mobile is all about – bringing the power of Dragon to developers small and large to speech-enable their mobile apps! Since launching NDEV Mobile in 2010, we’ve grown to more than 15,000 members around the globe. The market for speech as the primary user interface for mobile devices has grown tremendously and continues expanding to new device platforms such as TVs, home appliances, and even wearable work-out gear.

We’re helping developers bring exciting new speech-enabled apps and app categories that are truly innovative to this extensive market. That’s what makes NDEV Mobile such an exciting program today – the possibility of just one developer’s idea coming to life and revolutionizing technology as we know it.

We look forward to working with the developers at Hackathon Pour Les Marques this week.

Event: Hackathon Pour Les Marques

Location: Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Date: Mar 18-19, 2013

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