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Nuance and AT&T team up at hackathons to tackle next-gen IoT

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of coding, new discoveries and jam-packed fun for Nuance Developers as we hit the hackathon scene along with AT&T. We thoroughly enjoyed our time participating in the AT&T Shape Expo in San Francisco, CA and an AT&T IoT Hackathon in the heart of Seattle, where we provided our speech and natural language understanding technologies through the Nuance Mix platform. Hackathon contestants competed to create new and innovative solutions using speech technology and win prizes.
Giving students speech tools to create the next wave of interactive IoT applications

Our presence at recent AT&T Developer events has allowed us to offer our technology to a broader range of developers, enabling coders and programmers of all skill-levels to build speech-enabled apps for IoT. Armed with hardware kits consisting of a raspberry pi, LED lights, various connectors and other bits and bytes, hackers accepted the challenge of concocting a new, useful app that utilized speech.

The result was an impressive array of solutions showcasing the importance of voice interaction in the constantly expanding Internet of Things ecosystem. Projects often brought together multiple components including speech recognition, text-to-speech, and natural language understanding. Projects submitted included a speech-enabled self-driving car, a digital assistant, and a number of other thoughtful, creative innovations.


AT&T Shape Hackathon – Best Use of Nuance Technology Winners: TV-Bot

The winner of the “Best Use of Nuance Technology” award at the AT&T Shape Expo showcased a speech-enabled TV that allowed its viewers to use their voice as their remote. See the below diagram for a bit more information on how it actually worked:


TV-bot is an A.I. bot that integrates Nuance Mix onto a DirecTV set-top box to enable voice control. Watch full video submission here.



AT&T IoT Hackathon – Best Use of Nuance Technology Winners: Mirror, Mirror

“The basic idea was to hack our mornings spent staring at ourselves by creating a smart mirror.” It will be able to feed you customized information – date/time, weather, trending tweets and more. Check out the full video submission here.

Implementation diagram


team mirror mirror

Say cheese, Team ‘Mirror, Mirror’


A clear takeaway from these hackathons is the desire to make technology more human. Kenn Harper, VP of Mobile Devices & Ecosystems put it best in his previous blog post, Democratization of voice technology and data in the age of IoT, “Natural interfaces like voice and gesture will spur consumer adoption and open up new business opportunities for the creators of all things. “ So here’s a question for you… what can you create?

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