Going from Point A to Point B just got a whole lot easier for eligible Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC owners thanks to the new OnStar RemoteLink App for iPhone with Dragon-powered voice capabilities! Boasting speech-recognition and search functionality integrated via the Nuance Mobile Developer Program (NMDP), RemoteLink’s enhanced navigation services enables drivers to simply speak the name of an address or destination to get fast and accurate results in return!  
Bolstered by the power of Dragon, RemoteLink’s new voice-enabled navigation features allow users to input the name of an address or destination—no typing required! The results can then be sent directly from their iPhone to their OnStar service for turn-by-turn navigation directions. And if you don’t know the exact address, not a problem! With voice search functionality you can search for the address just by speaking details about your desired destination.  
To learn more about the voice capabilities within the new OnStar RemoteLink App, read the full press release from OnStar here
And to join the more than 4,000 registered iOS and Android developers in the Nuance Mobile Developer Program (NMDP), check us out on our developer portal. Registration is FREE—so join today and start speech-enabling your app in minutes! 


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