Nuance gets developers ‘Mixing’ at Samsung Developers Conference

Nuance Developers and Samsung Developer’s have partnered together since SDC 2013 to showcase the power of Nuance’s premier voice technologies with Samsung’s cutting edge devices. This year, Nuance is especially proud to share how our fully customizable speech and natural language understanding devtools have further evolved to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving Internet of Things.
Developers utilize Nuance Mix to custom build speech for IoT

This week Nuance is attending the Samsung Developers Conference (SDC) to showcase how Nuance Mix can enable specialized speech interfaces across mobile phones, smart watches, virtual reality devices, appliances, and many other emerging IoT devices, and with the rise of wearables, virtual reality, and smart home; however, developers will need to start looking at new modes of interaction to make their applications usable on these platforms. Many new devices have tiny or in some cases no displays, requiring new modes of interaction altogether.

With Nuance Mix, developers can build fully custom speech and natural language interfaces for their application using easy to use Web tools. It is possible to create a robust interface for speech, literally in minutes – without any background in speech science or previous experience. We’ve worked with our research scientists, engineers and linguists and integrated decades of experience working in speech technology and integrated it all into the Nuance Mix platform. We’ve got web sockets that are offered for any platform, SDKs that can be bound to any language and simplified SDKs that have been part of our overarching developer platform. And more importantly giving devs the ability to create their own ontology means that they can have the power to define the relations between the words that are spoken and what action the application or solution takes.

We are also pleased to announce that developers in our Nuance Mix Beta Program can now access new NLU languages:

  • Certified Quality
    • US English
    • UK English,
  • Beta Quality
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
  • Alpha Quality
    • Japanese
    • Chinese

As we continue to connect with developers in this expanding ecosystem, we got thinking about where we might see unique speech interfaces built with Mix coming to market in the coming year.


Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is truly a unique experience as you’re completely immersed in a digital environment, one of the most instinctive reactions users have is to speak. As this market rapidly expands, we see many opportunities for developers to leverage speech in gaming and other rich media apps running on these devices.


Smart Home:

With the launch of smart appliances, it’s clear the intelligent and connected home is here to stay. We can envision developers building unique applications for these smart home devices that allow you to ask for curated news, cooking recipes, highly tailored music playlists, home shopping requests, and much more.  


Health and Fitness:

There is an explosion of health and fitness applications. Here, speech could help you log food, get stats on your physical activity, and connect your fitness feats with friends and co-workers.

These are just a few examples, but in each case a highly usable and flexible speech platform is needed to allow each developer to tailor speech to their unique needs – and the possibilities are seemingly endless.


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