Nuance’s NDEV Mobile developer program introduces expanded free offer and enhanced voice capabilities

Nuance’s NDEV mobile developer program is introducing program updates and new features to expand support to more developers with enhanced voice offerings for their innovative applications – new support features from NDEV include custom vocabularies, higher transaction freedom and new language support for TV applications.

We first introduced NDEV Mobile three years ago to help support the developer community as they pushed the limits of what devices could accomplish, and we did so with a clear vision in mind—to provide easy and direct access to Nuance’s industry-leading voice technology. And in the time since, we’ve been amazed and grateful for the response we’ve seen from the more than 20k of you who have joined the NDEV Mobile community. But…it’s time for us to do more.

Today we’re introducing a number of updates to NDEV Mobile to ensure that every developer with an app or an idea has access to Nuance’s voice technology. It is now easier than ever for you to deploy Nuance technology, and do so in more markets, with more powerful technology, and on more device platforms than ever before.

Here’s What’s New:

Transaction Limitations Get the Boot

Self-serve developers in our Silver-level will now receive up to one million free transactions per app every month, making access to Nuance’s leading voice technology easier for all developers. Further, we are also removing device-based transaction limits entirely for both Silver and Gold-level members. With these updates, NDEV Mobile is now more accessible to developers creating experiences across many new application categories with a variety of use cases and business models in mind.

Support for Custom Vocabularies

Our core network language models provide great support for the words, phrases and terms that we use every day, but they don’t always capture highly-unique terms or reflect the usage needed to serve a particular community or use case. NDEV Mobile now offers custom vocabularies to all members, providing better support for apps that require recognition of highly specific or branded terminology. You can simply upload your unique list of words and phrases to extend the language model for your application and achieve improved recognition accuracy for your users.

Introducing TV Language Support

Speech has a unique role in creating intuitive user interfaces for the rapidly growing TV app ecosystem, and today we are moving support for TV language models from Beta and making it available to all NDEV Mobile developers. We’re also expanding our language support to include seven new TV language models – US Spanish, French, German, Australian English, UK English, Italian, and European Spanish.

New Platform Availability

Many of you have asked us to support Dragon Mobile SDK on Windows Phone 8, and today we’re very excited to announce that we’re doing just that. NDEV Mobile members can now leverage the same powerful voice technology to build a consistent experience across all of the most popular platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7.5 & 8, and web applications.

New Beta Features

Last but certainly not least, we want to give you a peek into two new Beta features that we think you’ll love. We are continually adding new features and capabilities to NDEV Mobile, and we love it when we get feedback directly from you. We hope you’ll find these features as useful as we do!

  • Grammar Recognition Mode: Expanding on the capabilities of Custom Vocabularies, Grammar Recognition Mode allows you to restrict recognition to your chosen vocabulary, thereby enhancing support for targeted use cases such as application control, Q&A, and more.
  • Results Mapping: With Application Custom Vocabularies, you can specify words or phrases that should be recognized with greater probability, even if they are not in our base language model. Results Mapping adds the ability to specify in the vocabulary the written output for those words and phrases. Results mapping is useful when dealing with unique spellings. For example the developer might want the system to output Citi when the user says City or Ke$ha when the user says Kesha.

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