Pebble brings Nuance’s voice technology to Pebble devices and developers

Technology, as complicated as it is, should make our lives simpler. Invention is born out of necessity because people need a better, more intuitive way to do things. And now that Pebble is integrating Nuance’s voice technology into its Pebble Time lineup and its Dictation SDK – wearable intuition and innovation have arrived.
Pebble brings Nuance’s voice technology to Pebble devices, developers

Technology, as complicated as it is, should make our lives simpler.  And while that statement may be trite, it’s true.  Invention is born out of necessity because people need a better, more intuitive way to do things.

Yet – somehow along the way – the more connected we become, the more complicated ‘things’ get, especially in the age of the Internet of Things.  Nuance’s Ron Kaplan has often used the phrase, “…with ubiquitous computing comes ubiquitous complexity.”   Devices have become smaller, with screens that are only a few inches wide – or in some cases no screens at all.

Pebble innovations have helped propel us into a world where we now wear our devices, and we as consumers want the best of both worlds – small, but incredibly powerful and easy to use.  This is where simplicity of the human voice becomes immeasurably valuable.

And it only makes sense that the world’s pioneers of the smartwatch and the voice interface come together to create a powerful yet simple wearable experience.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Nuance’s voice recognition is integrated as part of the Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and soon the Pebble Round experience.  With a lift of the wrist, users can simply respond to emails and messages – the way messaging on a smart device ought to be.

Better yet, Pebble is integrating Nuance’s voice capabilities into the Pebble SDK for iOS and Android.  Now, developers can create apps that are uniquely customized for Pebble, while giving users the ability to access and use those apps with simple voice commands.

This is where I personally become incredibly excited about the potential for the IoT and the power that a sleek wearable device like the Pebble holds as the gateway to the automated, intelligent home.

You can easily imagine applications for the Pebble that let you control your thermostat or your lighting system from your wrist is incredibly powerful and liberating, especially in such a connected world.  Apps can find and play music from your sound system, order up take-out for dinner, or find a taxi – the possibilities are endless.  But on a watch device, application developers are definitely going to want to be able to use your voice.

To learn more about developing the next killer Pebble app experience, visit  And to learn more about developing with Nuance’s voice technology, check out Nuance Developers at

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  • Hansemann

    Yea Voice apps are currently bugged sadly :/

    The only way to get them working is by selecting English (US) as voice input other language works (see threads on redditt and official forums..)

    May want to get on that sometime soon™

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