Calling all mobile app developers! With mobile devices making their way to millions of consumers worldwide this holiday season, millions of people will be looking for new apps to load to their devices. Shouldn’t one of those apps be yours?!

Starting today we’ll be making it easier than ever for you to integrate your app with the power of Dragon speech technology – a gift your app users will love!  So how does it work? For all new apps launched between now and January 14, 2013, all speech transactions and device activations will be absolutely free! And that’s not all—we’ll also waive the minimum $3K prepayment requirement for Gold Apps.

Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of everything that NDEV has to offer, whether it’s developing that new app you’ve been dreaming of or taking your existing app to the next level by launching on a new platform or in a new language. So don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity! Join the NDEV Mobile community and speech-enable your app today!

For details and to learn more about this special NDEV Holiday Promotion, please visit us here for all the need-to-know information to get you started.

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