Voice Reigns at the Ma Maison Connectée Hackathon

Here at Nuance we’re giving customers something to talk about – literally. With our NDEV Mobile SDK, we give app developers everywhere flexible access to our powerful speech models so they can design new intuitive voice experiences unique to their app. This was recently demonstrated by our presence at the 2013 Ma Maison Connectée Hackathon – where we saw voice implemented in new and unique ways.

Date: Nov 22nd, 2013

Time: 4pm

Location: Downtown Paris

The Ma Maison Connectée Hackathon had begun! The event was organized by Christophe ROMEI of servicesmobiles.biz and sponsored by Direct Energie, one of the top utilities in France, represented by their Président Directeur Générale, Xavier CAÏTUCOLI.

Nine developer teams came to create cool and innovative apps centered on the connected home (La Maison Connectée). The partners of the hackathon provided either their SDKs or their connected devices – and all the partners gave their pitch late Friday afternoon.

Four of the teams chose speech technology for their app. We quickly learned that their main use case was not only voice command & control of the different connected devices, but also notifications of the connected devices announced by text-to-speech. They worked, with our help and guidance on voice technology, throughout the weekend to perfect their apps.

On Sunday late afternoon at 4pm each team had to deliver a 5min pitch about their app. The judges then conferred, and around 6pm the winners were announced.

Congratulations to Team Yun Plug for their voice controlled and microcontroller enhanced app, Team Thales for their app combining augmented reality, gesture and voice technology, and Team Instagrid for their innovative app around how to cut the daily energy consumption.

Also remarkable was the Team Homer. They provided a new insight into the future. They created Homer, the voice assistant for your connected home. You could ask Homer by voice for not only a “Boeuf Bourguignon” recipe, but also about TV programs for that night, or just let him switch-on a light. One thing is sure: Homer will be soon assisting us in our connected homes.

Congrats again to all the participating teams, and thank you to the Ma Maison Connectée Hackathon. We look forward to more unique hackathons like this in the future!


Marya McLaughlin

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