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I recently came across an article that stated six out of every ten employees expect that they will have artificial intelligence or advanced automation solutions in place by 2022. What was once considered reserved for only early adopters and leading tech teams, is now being used to speed up routine tasks such as eDiscovery in law firms, clinical documentation in healthcare, and license plate lookups in law enforcement.

As customers expect more personalized service, and businesses look at ways to improve efficiencies, AI-powered solutions are proving to be necessary to help boost productivity. These productivity gains correlate to hundreds of hours of time savings for individuals and organizations, especially important to those who focus on client and community service.

Financial Services is an excellent example of an industry reliant on driving exceptional client care. In a recent national survey of its advisors, 88% say that mastering “soft-skills” like communication and time-management are even more critical to client service than technical knowledge of financial products. In a competitive environment, where time matters, the trend to adopt digital automation will undoubtedly continue.

A physician, who can spend hours on clinical documentation for each patient encounter, benefits tremendously from automated solutions. They can help free up hours of time spent on paperwork, which means more for patient care. Likewise, police officers, who also spend countless hours on documentation, are using robust AI-based police reporting tools to speed up the creation of incident reports and return time to community service.

Digital automation tools will continue to gain momentum. They can help reduce time spent on routine tasks and provide individuals and organizations alike the ability to focus on what matter most – their customers and community.

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Mark Geremia

About Mark Geremia

Mark Geremia is Vice President and General Manager for Dragon Professional and Consumer and oversees the product and marketing strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation workflow portfolio. Mark has held various leadership roles within the Dragon business over the last decade, and with his team continues to expand Dragon's reach across enterprise, legal and law enforcement markets, transforming productivity and documentation accuracy for professional individuals and large organizations. Prior to joining Nuance in 2005, Mark held key marketing management positions at both large and small technology companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Bentley College.