Automating everyday tasks with AI-powered tools

We’ve been automating everyday tasks with computers for years. In fact, twenty years-ago Dragon Speech Recognition was first introduced to automate the task of typing. Back then, we were only scratching the surface of what machine learning could do.

Today, advances in AI-powered tools are having an even greater impact, from making everyday documentation tasks less time-consuming, to interactions with smart automotive assistants more human-like than ever before.

Law enforcement is a great example. Take incident reporting. While it’s central to what officer’s do; it also means they can spend 3-4 hours each day writing reports, oftentimes working at the station instead of being out and visible in the community. AI is helping.

How? Using sophisticated statistical models, AI-powered speech recognition technology analyzes an incoming stream of sound and interprets it into dictation or a command. Through machine learning, it can distinguish between a range of accents, understand the context in a sentence (like “whether” and “weather.”), and knows how to differentiate between dictation and a command, like, “look up license plate Alpha Bravo Tango One Two Three.”

Today, hundreds of departments are using tools like Dragon Law Enforcement to automate this critical task. Now, a report that once took hours to write is literally being completed in minutes.

Likewise, financial services firms are also using AI-tools to complete daily tasks, from automating client interaction, using “robo-advisors” which rely on sophisticated algorithms to generate tailored financial plans, and help with documentation so they can adhere to compliance rules and regulations.

Advisors are even dictating extemporaneous conversations with clients and entering this data into their firm’s CRM system to create more personalized financial plans.

There are countless other ways that businesses are realizing the powerful benefits of AI-tools, and I’m ever more excited to see what the next twenty years will bring.

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Mark Geremia

About Mark Geremia

Mark Geremia is Vice President and General Manager for Dragon Professional and Consumer and oversees the product and marketing strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation workflow portfolio. Mark has held various leadership roles within the Dragon business over the last decade, and with his team continues to expand Dragon's reach across enterprise, legal and law enforcement markets, transforming productivity and documentation accuracy for professional individuals and large organizations. Prior to joining Nuance in 2005, Mark held key marketing management positions at both large and small technology companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Bentley College.