Making CAD/RMS systems more intelligent

Law enforcement, emergency transportation services and 911 operators depend on Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management Systems (CAD/RMS) to quickly and accurately document and share mission-critical information. These systems, in fact, are at the heart of any public safety program, with first responders sending out mass amounts of communications each day to ensure rapid response to time-critical situations.

While vital to law enforcement, the public safety sector is relying heavily on systems using older technology to complete one of their most mission-critical tasks. As reporting requirements continually increase, the need to find a simpler way to deliver information to those on the ground in a faster and more accurate way is paramount.

Chief Joe Solomon of the Methuen Police Department recognizes the importance of adding new tools in today’s policing arsenal to help him and his officers do their day to-day work in an easier, more efficient and safer manner.

“We’re continually looking at new methods and better tools to help our officers work more efficiently – and just as critical, in a safer way,” says Solomon. “We need systems that are not only smart but can work seamlessly together to help us better deliver key information out into the field to stop crime before it happens.”

Our recent partnership with CAD/RMS system provider, Nexgen, answers Chief Solomon’s and other department chiefs’ needs. The partnership marks a new frontier for fast, accurate and integrated public safety communication.

Intelligent voice-powered technologies, like Dragon Law Enforcement, make it not only more convenient and faster to help search for and document mission-critical information, but for public safety officials, who need to spend the majority of their time attuned with their surroundings, it’s also safer. They can capture, document and share information within the CAD/RMS by voice, all while staying heads-up and situationally aware.

There are countless new policing tools being used by departments across the country. For our part, we’re honored that we can help departments like Chief Solomon’s streamline the flow of vital information that will keep communities, and officers safer.

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