Innovations continue to shape the legal industry

Innovations, such as artificial intelligence (AI), are integral parts of our professional and personal lives, making our work easier and our lives better. Like many industries, the legal sector is not immune to experiencing a transition in how employees work because of new technologies.

Labor-intensive tasks, such as searching documents for information relevant to lawsuits and other litigation, are automated with powerful e-discovery applications and document workflow solutions. Web-based legal practice management software helps firms manage case filings, billing and communication with clients more efficiently. And a new mobile-world, where everything is stored and accessible in the cloud, increases productivity for professionals by delivering information any time, any where.

An increasingly tech-savvy client base means law firms, like everyone, need to adapt to a more informed, client-centric approach and embrace innovative ways to use technology to manage client relationships, costs and efficiencies across the practice.

We see this trend taking place with law office productivity software in particular, as recently reported in the annual International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) technology survey. Nuance’s speech recognition, document capture and workflow, PDF editing and redacting, and cost recovery solutions are all among the most widely used solutions in law firms. Read more here.

For a profession that is highly document-based, it’s not surprising that tools like speech recognition are being sought out. As voice becomes a common input method (with 61 percent of firms surveyed reporting using voice-to-text technology), the labor-intensive task of legal documentation is one of the many innovative ways firms are transitioning from what were once manual processes to a more streamlined voice-enabled approach.

With shifts in client service, and as law firms cultivate groups of younger lawyers who have grown up with technology, the need to modernize and capitalize on trends will move from a “nice to have” to a “must have.” Is your firm ready?