The smart move towards enterprise mobility

I recently came across an article about the growing use of mobile solutions, such as smartphones and cloud-sharing apps, and how they are changing the corporate landscape. The ability to stay connected and access and share data in real-time is exciting to us and builds on our long-term vision of designing powerful solutions to improve productivity.

This desire for anywhere, anytime access is driving significant investments into smart, connected devices and the adoption of mobile business solutions at such a growth rate that spending is expected to reach $26 billion in 2025.

Not surprisingly, organizations and individuals have similar expectations today; they want to work and access information from anywhere. But, in order to maintain the quality of their work while on-the-go, they need to adopt solutions that are optimized for mobile use.

These mobile solutions can be an asset to productivity. Many physicians, for instance, who spend a significant part of their day documenting patient care are now turning to cloud-based solutions to document directly in the EHR (electronic health record) in real-time, saving hundreds of hours to capture this data, even when they are away from their workstations

The same is true for police officers who need to produce countless incident reports when out on patrol. Armed with rugged in-car laptops and new mobile dictation applications, they can create them in real-time. This helps cut down after-hours reporting and moves criminal proceedings along faster.

From improving productivity and efficiency to data integrity and peer-to-peer communication, enterprise mobility is a smart move that can help empower employees with the ability to be just as productive on-the-go as they are at their desks.

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Mark Geremia

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Mark Geremia is Vice President and General Manager for Dragon Professional and Consumer and oversees the product and marketing strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation workflow portfolio. Mark has held various leadership roles within the Dragon business over the last decade, and with his team continues to expand Dragon's reach across enterprise, legal and law enforcement markets, transforming productivity and documentation accuracy for professional individuals and large organizations. Prior to joining Nuance in 2005, Mark held key marketing management positions at both large and small technology companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Bentley College.