The sprint towards enterprise mobility

The sprint towards enterprise mobility is gaining traction, and for companies to stay relevant they need to keep up. From a tech-savvy client base, a younger workforce, demand for anytime, anywhere access, to a growing need for collaborative and agile tools, today, organizations must adapt and change the way they do business, especially those with heavy reporting and documentation demands.

Now, more than ever, it’s not surprising to see professionals start their work in one location and complete it in another. And the need for seamless access across devices is growing. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), mobile solution spending exceeded $1.6 Trillion worldwide last year, with the U.S. accounting for approximately 20% of this spend.

A new grouping of powerful mobile documentation tools, cloud-sharing apps, and more robust reporting solutions means employees, especially those who often work outside the office or away from their desks, can create, collaborate and share their work– all in real-time, and from any location.

This collaboration goes well beyond improving access to information. For industries who rely heavily on real-time reporting, for instance, being able to document in-the-moment benefits greatly from mobility.

Law Enforcement is a prime example. Officers spend countless hours each day on reporting, most often having to capture notes after each incident. With the ability to use mobile tools, they can dictate a report narrative, capturing the immediacy and specificity of an incident, without the need to recall details from hours before or decipher hand-written notes hours later.

Physicians too, who are also consumed by heavy, real-time note-taking, benefit from cloud-based, mobile documentation solutions. According to industry data, physicians can spend nearly 2 hours documenting medical notes within the EHR (Electronic Health Record) and on administrative “desk” work for every 1 hour of direct patient care.

Couple the ability to complete reports and other notes in real-time with being able to cut down on after-hours paperwork, and professionals are experiencing both an increase in productivity, as well a reduction in administrative burnout as a result.

The sprint to go mobile isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Organizations need to tap into these intuitive mobile tools to improve their businesses processes, client service and customer care, as well as employee productivity and satisfaction.

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