Ed McGuiggan
Ed McGuiggan is General Manager for the Dragon Professional and Consumer business, overseeing the strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation product line. Ed has held various leadership roles within Nuance over the past two decades, including the creation, development, and expansion of the company’s worldwide eCommerce business, as well as the management of the Corporate and Retail sales teams. Prior to joining Nuance in 1997, Ed held senior management roles at FTP Software and Corporate Software, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Emerson College.
Ed McGuiggan’s stories
The state of public sector workloads: How admin tasks are affecting professionals today

After two especially challenging years for public sector organisations, the pressure isn’t getting any lighter. Many organisations are still managing the effects of the pandemic, while tackling age-old challenges such as tightened budgets, limited resources, and growing demand from citizens.  Too often, public sector professionals take the growing burden of these sector-wide pressures. In our […]

Happy 25th Birthday, Dragon!

“Is it perfect, is it the computer in Star Trek?… no…. but overall, it’s doing a really good job. And that makes it a big step forward.” Michael Miller, Editor-in-Chief, PC Magazine, 1997 So said the Editor-in-Chief of PC Magazine, Michael Miller in 1997, when Dragon Systems (now Nuance) released Dragon NaturallySpeaking at the World […]

Four reasons why so many law firms are exploring speech recognition

Detailed, accurate documentation is one of the cornerstones of legal practice. And as the industry continues to modernise its practices, many firms are looking to transform this cornerstone with productivity tools such as speech recognition. Recent advances in speech recognition have opened the door to more innovative ways of working, allowing legal professionals to create […]

Report findings: 97% of finance professionals say admin workload contributes to stress

In our recent survey of financial services professionals in Australia, 97% told us their admin workload has contributed to the stress they experience at work. Documentation and admin workload is far from a new challenge for financial services—it’s a critical part of every professional’s role. But after a year and a half of major changes […]

Low angle view of serious female financial advisor reading book at table in law officeFive reasons why so many law firms are exploring speech recognition

Detailed, accurate documentation is one of the cornerstones of legal practice. And as the industry continues to digitize at pace—legal firms are set to increase their tech spend by 2025 dramatically—it’s one cornerstone that’s ripe for transformation. Recent advances in speech recognition have opened the door to new, more innovative ways of working, allowing legal […]

Maximise productivity to ensure your long-term viability

Now however, financial, accounting and insurance firms can add to their digital arsenal and surrender the keyboard, thanks to cloud-based speech recognition software. According to the ABS, 42% of businesses in Australia are already using paid cloud to deliver better customer service. More importantly, cloud-services can help firms increase their competitiveness by boosting business productivity. […]

Businesswoman calling with mobile phone. Dragon Professional speech recognitionHelping social workers tackle documentation overload

Regardless of whether the social worker is dealing with individuals, families, groups or communities, and working from the office or out in the field, it’s not unusual for them to be spending 2-3 hours daily compiling case notes, completing assessments and forms, and writing referrals, correspondence and more. Then there’s the quality of the information […]

The time is right for financial organisations to embrace speech recognition software

Financial organisations that have not yet made the move to cloud-based speech recognition software might be putting themselves at a commercial disadvantage, losing out on faster, more accurate document production, and the benefits that cloud based software brings. Currently financial organisations, like many others, are embracing working from home. What was forced upon them by […]

Cloud-based Dragon speech to text software brings big advantages to business

Now that both workers and business managers have come to recognise the significant benefits of working from home, such as improved work/life balance and reduced office costs, it is becoming clear that the world of work going forwards, may for many, bear little resemblance to how it was this time last year. With that in […]

How Dragon speech recognition helps legal professionals stay competitive

Speech recognition is one of the key technologies practices have embraced in recent years to help them boost productivity, enable remote working, and support compliance. When software can turn the spoken word into editable text faster than people can type, legal professionals can create accurate documents in a timely manner, without using expensive and often […]