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Mark Robinson is a senior counsel in Sydney and has been using Dragon since 1993 in his practice. He uses Dragon speech recognition on a daily basis to manage his work. He makes full use of Dragon’s advanced voice recognition features to help him be more effective and productive at work.

From the onset of his legal career in 1993, Mr. Robinson found that time was always in short supply. However, the cost and time involved in employing a typist or a personal assistant as he embarked on his career was then prohibitive, and so he decided to search for a productivity tool that could help him save time and money. His quest led him to Nuance’s Dragon, which had just had its inaugural launch. Since then, Mr. Robinson and Dragon speech recognition have been inseparable.

He uses Dragon to draw or settle memoranda of advice, pleadings and written submissions for filing in court, as well as for his day-to-day correspondence. He told us, “Dragon voice recognition software is easy, comfortable and entirely natural. It has long allowed flowing dictation to be a reality in the legal profession, and I believe it is simply critical software for Australian lawyers and an absolute must-have for any barrister.”

But it’s not just faster document production that brings benefits to legal firms. Mr. Robinson also told us that Dragon helped him save on costs: ‘Thanks to Dragon I have never needed to engage a typist or a personal assistant and this has allowed me to save a significant amount of money over the past 28 years,’ he explained.

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Ed McGuiggan is General Manager for the Dragon Professional and Consumer business, overseeing the strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation product line. Ed has held various leadership roles within Nuance over the past two decades, including the creation, development, and expansion of the company’s worldwide eCommerce business, as well as the management of the Corporate and Retail sales teams. Prior to joining Nuance in 1997, Ed held senior management roles at FTP Software and Corporate Software, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Emerson College.