Alixson Bell
Alixson graduated from the University of Washington in 2008 and promptly started her career in the computer software industry at a company called Varolii Corporation in Seattle, WA. After Varolii was acquired by Nuance, she quickly became enamored by the many ways to improve customer satisfaction through omni-channel customer service solutions, all powered by AI. She is now a Senior marketing project manager for Nuance, but more than that, she is a firm believer in Nuance’s technology and teams who are tirelessly focused on customer-centric outcomes and results.
Alixson Bell’s stories
As technology develops, speech recognition becomes more integral

It is quite amazing how much speech has come to be able to be used to control things in our everyday lives. Way back in the 1950s when it was first demonstrated that it was possible to say something to a machine and have that machine recognise what you said, it was hardly credible that […]

The History of Speech Recognition – Part 2

Speech recognition has its origins way before computers as we know them existed. Back in the 1880s Alexander Graham Bell invented a way to record speech onto wax cylinders. Others improved on the technique, moving through technologies like plastic and magnetic tape. When computers became sophisticated enough to include memory and processing capabilities, speech recognition […]

The History of Speech Recognition – Part 1

It was 1982 when Dragon Systems was founded by Dr Jim Baker and Dr Janet Baker. They produced voice recognition software that could turn spoken words into text that appeared on screen. It was a major achievement considering the limitations of computers at the time. For example, here are some things that indicate the state […]