Ines Rivera’s stories
Enjoy the benefits of working from home

Like a lot of other people I’ve been working from home recently. For those who have been doing this for the first time, and even those who have extended what was a once-a-week or now-and-then occurrence into the everyday, the experience will have probably been quite a revelation. Many people have found they prefer working […]

Will keyboards become a thing of the past?

If we sit back and think about it, the fact that most of us still use keyboards as the primary way to work with computers is strange. What computers can do today has come on in leaps and bounds from their earliest appearance in offices and homes. We’ve seen the invention of the mouse as […]

Must-have features for a speech recognition solution

There are two important steps in making the move to speech recognition for your business. The first is making the decision to move to the technology that will improve efficiency in document production. The second is deciding which solution is the right fit for you.  Undoubtedly right now a cloud deployment is the way to […]

Dragon takes the strain out of working from home

In the current health emergency many organizations will be rolling out home working either starting from scratch or moving what was previously a relatively small-scale activity into center stage.  There are key benefits for remote working in cloud based applications. When applications run in the cloud, they are easier to manage at scale. The hassles […]

Making time for high-level business tasks

Businesses don’t run themselves. From the biggest multinational corporations to small enterprises with a geographically local focus, a business won’t thrive unless it is on top of high level business planning. In the UK small businesses are vitally important to the economy. According to the Federation of Small Businesses there are 5.82 million businesses with […]

How the finance sector can find the freedom to work differently

Finance and insurance companies face challenges in the current situation just like many other organizations. In addition to keeping on top of workloads, organizations in these sectors must meet sector-specific regulations and compliance requirements. With teams working from home, some processes take longer, it is not always easy to manage workflows as well as in […]