Sarah Fisher is regional marketing manager at Nuance healthcare division covering UK, Ireland and APAC. Sarah has 25 years in marketing and sales at companies including Xerox, Siemens and Cisco. A spell at Novartis leading a team to deliver ‘more-than-medicines’ solutions in UK healthcare combined her degree and a first job in Pharmacology research with a passion for the potential of healthcare IT to overcome the many challenges faced by all healthcare systems. In her spare time Sarah leaps fences and tackles tricky trails pursuing her hobbies of horse trials and mountain biking.
Sarah Fisher’s stories
Oxford University Hospital boosts its health digitisation plans

  Going Digital Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’ (OUH) ‘Go Digital’ health digitisation programme is a journey, not a ‘big bang’. Key to ‘Go Digital’ is the rollout and adoption by clinicians of the ‘Go Digital’ platform – the Cerner Millennium electronic patient record (EPR). OUH’ aim is to deliver information to clinical teams based […]

NHS Digital must do its homework on clinical documentation5 top tips for rolling out successful clinical speech projects

1. Re-imagine the process After gaining board support for the project, the first thing the transformation team at Homerton did to prepare for the roll-out of Dragon Medical One was to reflect on current clinical workflows. A process mapping exercise ‘re-imagined’ the process and revealed unnecessary steps to current workflows which could be cut out […]

Male nurse and boy using stethoscopeAI and the medical consultation of the future

AI and the transformation of the patient-doctor relationship This week (February 11-15, 2019) is HIMSS 2019 in Orlando USA where health professionals and practitioners from around the world gather. For the first time, visitors to the Nuance stand will be able to experience for themselves how AI can transform the patient-doctor relationship. What will this […]

A one-stop-shop to overcome the challenge of clinical documentation

In the context of what is happening in UK healthcare at the moment, why is this enhanced range of solutions important? We acquired Winscribe because we want to help address the challenges facing all health systems and clinicians. The cost of healthcare is rising, most countries have ageing populations and there is also a shortage […]

Re-imagining clinical documentation in outpatient services

Out with the old Clinicians in outpatients had been reliant on handwritten notes and using medical secretaries to type and edit letters. Letters could take up to 17 working days to reach patients. Budget constraints meant that recruiting more medical secretaries or using agency staff was not an option. An alternative method of quickly and […]

Speedy-technology-adoption-in-healthcare-depends-on-people-and-processSpeech recognition delivers efficiencies for the NHS

Consumerism of speech recognition I think there are two fundamental reasons for this renewed interest in speech recognition in healthcare. First, the greater awareness of speech as a user interface has been driven by consumer products e.g. Siri and Amazon Echo, as well as many new cars featuring the technology. These high-profile consumer applications have helped […]

Can clinical speech recognition release the pressure in a busy NHS emergency department?

  The vision of a paperless ED The importance of complete, accurate and timely documentation to support the patient care journey cannot be understated but this should never be at the expense of the conversation and relationship between the clinician and patient. The intention has always been to introduce digital technologies such as the electronic […]

doctor-examining-results-via-mobileWhat is the role of cloud solutions within the UK healthcare sector?

  With an ever-present pressure to increase efficiency and do ‘more with less’, senior staff in all areas of the NHS and the wider healthcare sector are searching for technological means do just that. A growing number are turning to cloud solutions, and are finding that such software not only allows for more efficient and […]

case-study-examining-the-need-for-data-security-in-healthcare-itHow do Dragon Medical solutions adhere to the data security standards outlined within GDPR and regulations set by the NHS?

  The new NHS data security requirements The ‘2017/18 Data Security and Protection Requirements’ set out what is expected of NHS organisations and those working with the NHS, in meeting the ten data security standards established. This document breaks the requirements down into three key areas: people, processes and technology. Included within the latter is […]

Case study describing how clinical speech recognition supports mobile health workforce in community and mental healthMobilising clinicians in community and mental health

  Enhancing mobile working Recently Worcester used GDE  funding to equip its healthcare workforce with clinical speech recognition to support remote working, reduce clinical documentation workload, eliminate the backlog of reporting associated with detailed patient records and replace legacy, slow analogue dictation workflows with the goal of freeing up healthcare workers to focus on patient […]

gdpr in healthcareInformation governance guidelines set by NHS for your medical practice

As the custodian of millions of electronic patient records and other patient data, data protection and confidentiality in the NHS is of prime importance. With data protection laws about to change with the introduction of GDPR, time is running out to make sure that your practice is compliant. The information Governance Alliance has created a […]

What does the transition to SNOMED CT mean for big data in healthcare?

The NHS phased transition to SNOMED CT began earlier this month, marking the beginning of a new coding regime, which will facilitate the seamless exchange of coded documents. A standardised vocabulary of clinical terminology intended to be used in Electronic Patient Records (EPR), SNOMED CT contains in excess of 300,000 medical terms that can then […]