Simon Marchand, CFE, C.Adm.
Simon Marchand is Nuance’s chief fraud prevention officer for security and biometrics. Certified Fraud Examiner, Simon has extensive expertise in fraud prevention, detection and management - as well as in authentication and identity - in both the banking and telecom industries, with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Prior to Nuance, Simon held key fraud prevention positions at Montreal-based Laurentian Bank, at Bell Canada, and at Québec’s Order of Chartered Administrators, where he managed its professional inspection program. As chief fraud prevention officer, he works closely with Nuance clients to design biometric-based fraud prevention and authentication strategies that disrupt criminals while reducing effort and friction for legitimate customers. He regularly shares his expertise in various conferences and with associations around the world and he speaks on the risks of fraud and the ethical use of biometrics in the media.
Simon Marchand, CFE, C.Adm.’s stories
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To truly understand the UK’s fraud landscape, you need to talk to the key decision-makers at its leading financial services organizations. This latest survey draws on insights from heads of risk, heads of compliance, CIOs, and more from 101 of the industry’s most important players. As well as providing yet more evidence that fraud thrives […]

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It’s been a challenging couple of years for telcos as they’ve tried to keep pace with a rapid shift in customer habits and expectations. We are looking forward to attending Mobile World Congress (MWC) again this year to talk with CX and fraud leaders about how they’re planning to meet new expectations while keeping customers […]

Retail fraud: Why consumer identities must evolve with biometric security

I recently attended the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) Las Vegas Virtual Event 2021. After the disruption of the last year, it’s hard to overstate the need for such events where merchants can come together, discuss fraud risks, explore key solutions like biometric security, and share fraud prevention strategies and best practices. One of the sessions […]

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The business of fraud was already booming. When the European Commission shared the results of an EU-wide “scams and fraud” survey in January 2020, the report revealed that the majority (56%) of Europeans had experienced fraud in the previous two years. Then came COVID-19. The widespread economic disruption caused by the pandemic created many new […]

The key biometrics for fraud prevention: explained

Over the last decade, the effectiveness of traditional forms of identity authentication have been eroded. At the same time, fraud has become increasingly rife. Losses in the global economy have risen by 56%. In the UK alone, they now approach £190B each year. At the heart of the problem with traditional methods of authentication is […]