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Good planning is at the heart of successful speech recognition projects in healthcare

  Three steps to success 1. The first is an evaluation of what they want the software to deliver; is it to save medical professionals’ time? Accelerate turn-around times? Reduce transcription costs? Unlock secretarial teams from administration so that they can concentrate on tasks that help to deliver better patient care? Or is the goal […]

ai's and healthcareThree reasons to be positive about AI’s changes to medicine and healthcare

I had the privilege of attending the World Medical Innovation Forum. This year’s Forum, of course, focused heavily on the advancements and opportunities of AI in healthcare, something in which we at Nuance are deeply invested. From discussions around how ambient intelligence with real-time, AI-driven information and analytical recommendations offer an opportunity to improve clinical documentation, to […]

Empowering breast cancer patients with AI technology

  Breast cancer is the most common cancer within the UK, with one woman every 10 minutes being diagnosed with it. What’s more Breast Cancer Care has found that around 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. However, there is a bright spot: as illustrated by the […]

A battle cry for the healthcare industry: set radiologists up for success

As someone who’s been in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years, I’ve witnessed major changes in the world’s largest and fastest-growing industry. While there’s certainly no shortage of possibilities in health IT, it’s been clear that radiologists, in particular, are yet to reap the benefits of modern technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and […]

Healthcare is personal

Amidst the discussions about medical costs, insurance payments, research and technology advances, it’s easy to lose sight of one overriding truth: healthcare is personal. In fact, it’s a personal mission of mine to connect the work we do in artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and natural language processing directly to improved healthcare outcomes for patients and clinicians alike. Many healthcare discussions […]

Use a solution to help clinicians enter data into the EPR without eating into their medical time.Where are the efficiency gaps in hospitals?

  Optimising processes with speech recognition The organisation decided to review the process for medical reports and discharge letters. This involved finding a solution to help clinicians enter data into the EPR without eating into their medical time. Another key goal is the instant availability of medical reports for patients as they were discharged or immediately […]

7 cybercrime questions for business leaders to ask

  Business leaders must recognize that cybercrime is now a day-to-day business reality and priority. No one is immune: It’s not a question of “if” your organization will be affected; it’s a question of “when.” That’s a sobering thought, but also one that should inspire business leaders to change and move their organizations forward. A […]

patient and doctor smiling at a patient recordAchieving the primary healthcare goal: quality, compassionate care

Challenges, challenges, challenges. If you were to believe all that you heard about the NHS in the UK, it would be easy to assume that all aspects of the NHS are consumed by challenges. While there’s no denying our system faces – and has always faced – tough times, that should not cast a shadow […]

Modern pathology goes hands free

Pathology departments are always busy and often noisy environments. Having successfully deployed speech recognition into pathology workflows at many hospitals here are my practical tips for implementing speech recognition so that pathologists can maximise their time for clinical analysis and interpretation and minimise repetitive, time consuming administration. 1. Accuracy – Many question the accuracy of […]

The impact of modern pathology on the patient care quality is not to be overlookedDigital Pathology reporting: Putting patients at the centre of care

The EHR will have a profound impact on the quality and safety of patient care, which remains the focus of all healthcare providers. However, the deployment process is also arguably one of the most ambitious projects that the NHS has ever seen, with the goal of this technology being used by all staff groups, be […]