Dragon Professional Anywhere is a good fit for modern finance and accountancy professionals

It is a key time for accountancy and financial services professionals – and particularly if you’re interested in technology. The steady march of cloud accounting software is reaching even the smallest of businesses, as the UK’s Making Tax Digital initiative accelerates its adoption. Open Banking is helping to transform the sharing of financial information between organisations. Meanwhile financial services professionals like personal financial advisors have access to data, dashboards and fund performance comparison services. Information is quite literally at their fingertips thanks to sleek new technologies.

Document creation and collaborative working tools also fall into that category ‘sleek new technologies’. When we can talk to our phones to create text messages, it does seem strange that so many in the financial services and accounting professions are still creating documents with keyboards. But Dragon speech recognition brings professional grade digital dictation technology to document creation.

Like online accounting packages, Dragon Professional Anywhere is cloud based. So it’s always up to date with the latest software patches, secure (we use 256-bit encryption when data is in transit and at rest) and compliant with regulations. There’s no need to install anything on local computers. Instead an organisation can buy the number of licenses it needs, and flex the number as needs change. This makes administration of licenses, data security and patching much easier at a time when, as we are all very aware, working from home has become a new expectation for the medium term future.

Now more than ever, too, accountancy and financial professionals need to deliver great value for money. Cloud services are ideal for a more flexible, multi-location workforce. Document sharing and collaborative working are easier, and Dragon offers the additional advantage of collective access to shared specialist vocabularies – so individual team members don’t have to laboriously reinvent the wheel to get accurate speech recognition of complex terms. Facilities like these, plus the speed gains in creating documents by speaking rather than typing, help individuals boost their personal productivity, maximising billable hours.

I would argue too, that Dragon Professional Anywhere increases job satisfaction. After all, faster, more efficient working is the difference between getting to the end of the working day with that to-do list completed, or not.

Take a look at our special report on Speech Recognition and the Finance Professional or get in touch to find out more here.

Ed McGuiggan

About Ed McGuiggan

Ed McGuiggan is General Manager for the Dragon Professional and Consumer business, overseeing the strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation product line. Ed has held various leadership roles within Nuance over the past two decades, including the creation, development, and expansion of the company’s worldwide eCommerce business, as well as the management of the Corporate and Retail sales teams. Prior to joining Nuance in 1997, Ed held senior management roles at FTP Software and Corporate Software, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Emerson College.