Dragon takes the strain out of working from home

In the current health emergency many organizations will be rolling out home working either starting from scratch or moving what was previously a relatively small-scale activity into center stage. 

There are key benefits for remote working in cloud based applications. When applications run in the cloud, they are easier to manage at scale. The hassles of provisioning and updating local computers are immediately taken away. Moreover, cloud providers take on the responsibility of ensuring that their applications are kept up to date, not only with the latest features but also with the latest software patches.

Just as important for any business scaling up or down its remote workforce, cloud based solutions allow for easy growth in seats when needed, and easy reduction in seats when that’s needed too. So, we are talking about cloud applications being scalable, secure, flexible and always up to date, with those things achieved in a way that’s a revolution for tech teams when compared to provisioning individual computers. This matters a great deal in the current climate where productivity needs to be maximized while workers deal with new pressures including being mindful of – and making time for – assisting friends and family as well as looking after their own wellbeing.

There are also wider benefits for the business, such as making remote collaboration easier and, because document production is faster and collaboration easier, there are also financial savings to be had. More generally, when it comes to prevailing in a competitive market, a study commissioned by VMware has shown that organizations that meet the demands of today’s workers, such as those for easy to use, well maintained, cloud based applications, are more likely to be leaders in their particular market.

This makes the case for Dragon Professional Anywhere as clear as crystal. Now cloud based, Dragon is easier than ever to deploy, freeing up technical teams from maintaining individual computers, allowing for easy scaling, and, importantly, running complex and demanding software in the cloud so that the computers being used by workers don’t have to be state of the art. All of this while allowing remote workers to dictate documents, emails and other content faster than they could type.

If you want to learn more about cloud-based Dragon Professional Anywhere check out our video, and if you’d like us to follow up with you and answer any specific questions you might have, just get in touch.