Financial Services get the three Cs from a Dragon

Financial services have to be pernickety. It is important that they capture accurate information from clients, record that information precisely, and store it carefully.

Client meetings are often conversational and feel relaxed, but they deliver exact, detailed information about the client’s sentiments as well as feedback on current work and future intentions. All of this has to be captured if the client is to be served well.

No amount of care at the information capture and recording stages has value if the storage of that information is poor. Good retrieval, good sharing across the organisation, and good filing for historical work as the client relationship grows over time are part of the storage picture.

Get these things right, and clients have confidence. Get them wrong, and clients can think you are sloppy. There are plenty of financial services companies out there. The good ones succeed – and great (pernickety) records management is a sign of a company that is diligent and efficient. What’s not to like about that?

Capturing accurate client information, recording it precisely and storing it carefully requires specialist tools. That’s where specialist speech to text software comes in, and where Dragon can provide you with consistency, context and collaboration.


99% accurate speech to text translation, including difficult to spell words, plus the ability to include long paragraphs just with a few spoken instructions so that complex terms can be used and explanations and definitions given to clients easily with minimum fuss and time overhead.


Dragon uses deep learning to understand the context of the spoken words it is turning into text. It knows if you mean ‘their’, ‘they’re’ or ‘there’. So you can dictate to it as if you are talking, and it will type out your sentences.


Dragon will run on your business network and save documents to cloud so many people can take part in editing. The mobile speech to text app Dragon Anywhere is our dictation app for speech to text on Android and speech to text on iPhone. One person can use it to start a document on the move, and another can use desktop Dragon to finish the document in the office.

If your interest has been sparked, learn more about how Dragon can help financial services businesses boost their efficiency here.

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