Making time for high-level business tasks

Businesses don’t run themselves. From the biggest multinational corporations to small enterprises with a geographically local focus, a business won’t thrive unless it is on top of high level business planning.

In the UK small businesses are vitally important to the economy. According to the Federation of Small Businesses there are 5.82 million businesses with 0 to 49 employees in the UK. As the nation continues to deal with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is arguably more important than ever that businesses large and small are able to find the time to for their high-level tasks. And for that, businesses need to be able to do their day-to-day work as efficiently as possible.

This is where Dragon Professional Anywhere can help. Most businesses spend time working with documents. For some, such as those in the legal or finance sectors, document production is central. These sectors are in some cases leading the way to a new way of working. Our own research has shown that 80% in the legal and finance sectors think speech recognition could help them work more productively.

Other sectors might not depend so much on document production, but still, if any time at all is spent on work involving a keyboard, from writing reports and letters to handling emails, the ability to do this more efficiently will be of interest. Dragon Professional Anywhere is faster than typing. We speak faster than we type, and conversion of spoken word into editable text additionally benefits from the ability to insert long phrases – even paragraphs or entire document templates – with a short spoken instruction. Dragon Professional Anywhere can do this. It can also spell out acronyms in longhand, open applications, even start an email to someone just by being asked to do so.

When a business can save time using smart tools to help with day-to-day work, it can create time to focus on high level tasks. Right now, perhaps that might be working through new ways of doing what you do best, managing a more distributed workforce than you’re used to, keeping on top of different client requirements, and other new challenges, while also looking to develop a sustainable future. Running your business right now might not be easy, so why not take help where you can get it.

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