How speaking trumps writing

Speech to text software is often described as a tool to help you produce documentation faster and more accurately than you could achieve while typing. That’s quite right. Dragon can turn the spoken word into editable text three times faster than even a proficient typist can put words on screen, and with 99% accuracy thanks to its deep learning abilities but speed and accuracy aren’t the whole story.

Imagine creating a complicated report for your boss. You know the key points you need to make, but they can sometimes swarm around in your head, making it difficult to get things in the right order. Perhaps by the time you have focused on typing out a couple of key points, some really important things are forgotten.

Now imagine describing the key points while chatting with a colleague. You might count them off on your fingers, giving each one a sentence or two before moving on to the next. You’d likely get them all said, without forgetting a single one.

Next imagine doing the same thing, but instead of counting the points off on your fingers, just say ‘new line’ when you’re done with one point and moving on to the next. If you’re using speech to text software, that is all you need to do in order to create a list of your points – which effectively can become a contents list, a list of headings, or a bulleted list, depending on the context you’re working in.

While you are talking and your words are being transcribed, you can look up and down the list, using your voice to move around within and add new points, or sub points. Later you can fill the points out in more detail with reasoned sentences that explain your meaning.

In going through this process, you have managed to achieve: ordered thinking, a high level of focus and concentration and, a complete transfer of what’s in your mind onto the page.

If you doubt the ability of speech to text software to help you achieve this, then why not give it a go? You can try our Dragon Anywhere software for Android and iOS for free, just to see how easy it is to turn your thoughts into editable text at speed.

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Alixson Bell

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Alixson graduated from the University of Washington in 2008 and promptly started her career in the computer software industry at a company called Varolii Corporation in Seattle, WA. After Varolii was acquired by Nuance, she quickly became enamored by the many ways to improve customer satisfaction through omni-channel customer service solutions, all powered by AI. She is now a Senior marketing project manager for Nuance, but more than that, she is a firm believer in Nuance’s technology and teams who are tirelessly focused on customer-centric outcomes and results.