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Nothing makes me quite as happy as hearing from a Dragon user. I know how it can change the work day for the better, because I often talk to people who benefit. But still, there is nothing quite like that thrill of hearing people talk about the benefits in their own words.

Recently we spent time at the British Legal Technical Forum, an event which brings legal professionals together to learn about a whole range of technologies that can help them in their everyday work. We talked about our new Dragon Professional Anywhere, which provides speech to text and voice control across a whole range of different applications, including specialist legal case management systems. We gave demos at our booth. And we talked about Dragon Anywhere Mobile, the smartphone dictation solution that seamlessly integrates with Dragon Professional Anywhere to give an additional boost to the power of your voice.

It’s always good to be able to give real world examples of where Dragon has made a difference. How about this for an endorsement –

Dragon’s accuracy was excellent straight away. Our team were able to create their own documentation, write-ups and notes rather than passing them onto our already pressured secretarial staff.”

That’s a quote from David Birks, Director at Newtons, a legal firm that employs over 100 professionals across Yorkshire, Teesside and County Durham and has offices in Harrogate, York, Knaresborough, Darlington, Durham, Ripon, Richmond, Stokesley, Thirsk and Wakefield.

Newtons has been a user of Nuance solutions including Dragon for some years, but still, our latest Dragon Professional Anywhere brings fresh productivity gains. You can find out more about Newtons’ experiences here.

If you want to learn more about Dragon Professional Anywhere then check out our video, and if you’d like us to follow up with you, organize a demo, or answer any specific questions you might have, just get in touch.

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Dragon Professional Anywhere boosts legal firm’s productivity

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Ed McGuiggan

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Ed McGuiggan is General Manager for the Dragon Professional and Consumer business, overseeing the strategy for Nuance's Dragon speech recognition and documentation product line. Ed has held various leadership roles within Nuance over the past two decades, including the creation, development, and expansion of the company’s worldwide eCommerce business, as well as the management of the Corporate and Retail sales teams. Prior to joining Nuance in 1997, Ed held senior management roles at FTP Software and Corporate Software, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Emerson College.