Will keyboards become a thing of the past?

If we sit back and think about it, the fact that most of us still use keyboards as the primary way to work with computers is strange. What computers can do today has come on in leaps and bounds from their earliest appearance in offices and homes. We’ve seen the invention of the mouse as a way to navigate the screen, and professional artists and designers have tablet and pen based systems for improved accuracy. But most of us still type our words.

And yet there has been a revolution which means the keyboard is not the most efficient way of working with words. Technology like Dragon is at the heart of that revolution.

There are compelling reasons for wanting to use the keyboard less and switch to speech recognition. For businesses it has been proven that speech recognition saves money. It does this by making document production faster. Our Dragon Professional Anywhere solution is nearly 100 percent accurate, and our own research has shown that a company with 50 employees could potentially save £1.2 million a year if each employee saved just two hours a week through more efficient text entry. That’s based on a rate of £50 an hour.

If you’d like to find out how a firm that’s putting speech recognition to work every day is making efficiency and cost savings, then read our case study about how legal firm Newtons is using Dragon Professional Anywhere.

There is an important hygiene factor too. Various studies have looked into the hygiene of office equipment like keyboards, mice and trackpads. One study found keyboards can harbor 20,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Boosting productivity and having a healthier work environment are two great reasons for using speech recognition software. If you want to learn more about Dragon Professional Anywhere then check out our video, and if you’d like us to follow up with you, organize a demo, or answer any specific questions you might have, just get in touch.