5 reasons why artificial intelligence in healthcare makes a difference


1. AI in speech recognition.

AI is a very broadly used term and there are very many definitions but, simply put, it is the use of computing power to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is clever, powerful software that adapts to you and your environment. Using your voice as an interface with the device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc), the AI in the Dragon Medical Practice Edition uses acoustic (sound) and language learning programs (algorithms) to interpret your voice and by doing so it replaces traditional methods of typing, pointing and clicking with keyboard and mouse. You are able to do a previously time-consuming part of your job – capturing and updating the patient story within clinical documentation – much more naturally, quickly and accurately.

2. Deep Learning.

Traditional AI algorithms analyse data linearly. Deep learning algorithms process data in a non-linear way and mimic the way in which our human brain learns and recognises patterns. The software can then make predictions based on this. The application of this sort of tech has been enabled by more data and more powerful hardware. Our speech recognition engine recognises and learns your voice patterns, dialects and accents to significantly improve precision during the dictation even in environments with more ambient background noise e.g. in open office or on-the-go. This means the speech recognition is fast and accurate wherever you are dictating. Get more done in less time and with greater accuracy, wherever you are


3. Neural Network.

Is an interconnected group of nodes, akin to the vast network of neurons in the human brain and it enables the the software to check the context of the dictation on a much larger scale resulting in great speech recognition accuracy. Using the software is ‘feels’ fluid, adapting to your style. There are very few interruptions to the flow of your dictation

4. Next Generation.

Our speech recognition is very powerful, fast and very accurate in fact it is the most advanced in the healthcare market and our ongoing commitment to R&D ensures that the investment you make in Dragon Medical Practice Edition today will last a very long time into the future.

5. Nuance are pioneers in research and development of speech recognition technologies.

Nuance’s focus and investment in speech recognition R&D ensures our healthcare products incorporate the latest, most powerful and proven technology. We keep abreast of developments in healthcare, adapting our software to meet its changing needs and making sure we stay ahead of competitors. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is designed with general practice needs in mind. It is easy to learn, easy to use, very fast and its accurate and reliable making you more productive more quickly.

Get ahead. Get AI.

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About Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher is regional marketing manager at Nuance healthcare division covering UK, Ireland and APAC. Sarah has 25 years in marketing and sales at companies including Xerox, Siemens and Cisco. A spell at Novartis leading a team to deliver ‘more-than-medicines’ solutions in UK healthcare combined her degree and a first job in Pharmacology research with a passion for the potential of healthcare IT to overcome the many challenges faced by all healthcare systems. In her spare time Sarah leaps fences and tackles tricky trails pursuing her hobbies of horse trials and mountain biking.