Where are the efficiency gaps in hospitals?

Use a solution to help clinicians enter data into the EPR without eating into their medical time.


Optimising processes with speech recognition

The organisation decided to review the process for medical reports and discharge letters. This involved finding a solution to help clinicians enter data into the EPR without eating into their medical time. Another key goal is the instant availability of medical reports for patients as they were discharged or immediately after a consultation. The IT services department identified speech recognition at the cursor as an optimisation tool. This allows clinicians to save time and increase report accuracy by dictating medical data directly in the EPR. It also enables creation of emails and reports in the same way. Now that medical secretaries are no longer burdened by typing, they play an essential role in patient-focused healthcare activities.

Measured efficiency gains: 25% time savings per consultation

Improving the patient care pathway in emergency departments is an ongoing challenge for hospitals everywhere. Each year, the number of people passing through Emergency Department (ED) services is increasing and being under huge time and cost pressure. At the Hôpital Européen, ED receives an average of 105 patients a day – close to capacity. Speech recognition helped the 11 emergency clinicians streamline their documentation. Now they can focus on clinical examinations without having to spend excessive time filling in patient records. Clinicians have also observed a clear improvement in the quality of the clinical information entered in the records.

User acceptance and adoption

As soon as digital technologies are proven to deliver benefits they gain support from the management of the hospitals and are quickly adopted by other healthcare professionals. This is the case with speech recognition, which is no longer perceived as a “nice-to-have” but as a “must-have” by healthcare professionals. The hospitals that are introducing Nuance´s clinical documentation solutions today, chose it as one of the key components of their paperless strategy. As for the French regional hospital trusts, they consider speech recognition as a good way to speed adoption of EPRs that will continue to be deployed and at scale.

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