Good planning is at the heart of successful speech recognition projects in healthcare


Three steps to success

    1. The first is an evaluation of what they want the software to deliver; is it to save medical professionals’ time? Accelerate turn-around times? Reduce transcription costs? Unlock secretarial teams from administration so that they can concentrate on tasks that help to deliver better patient care? Or is the goal to improve the accuracy and completeness of medical records? Once the need for speech is established, reseller partners like VoicePower can then put measurement criteria in place to demonstrate how Dragon can help them achieves their goals and drive tangible ROI.

    2. The second realisation to ensuring that deployment is successful, isn’t down to the proven technology, but people. Hence why engagement from all the stakeholders, and their buy-in for the technology is essential. History has repeatedly shown us that speech implementations failures are rarely due to the technology itself, but a lack of support for the initiative from those it is meant to benefit the most.

    3. The third is to understand how the technology will affect and improve the current document workflow process, in part to achieve the long-term goal of a paperless NHS. That requires support from an experienced Nuance Healthcare Partner to ensure that existing workflows are optimised and enable users to extract maximum value from a Dragon Medical deployment.


    Medical speech recognition delivers long term benefits

      Those upfront considerations are worth the investment when you consider the most typical benefits post-Dragon Medical deployment. These range from reductions in Referral-to-Treatment Time (RTT) to helping drive reduced overheads on agency staff and secretarial holiday cover. Users also report that they are creating more comprehensive consultation records far faster using speech, and these are available almost immediately to share with peers and healthcare professionals. There are also improvements to the quality of care delivered to patients under the Quality and Outcomes Framework. Finally – and critically for GPs under pressure from rising patient numbers – there’s a reduction in turnaround times for GP approval, reducing the traditional ‘double handling dictation’ loop.

      If you’re still wondering about the benefits – especially the economic ones – bear in mind that the average DMPE user saves almost an hour every day; at £70 per hour, Dragon Medical will pay for itself within a month. The other, more profound, benefits to efficiency and patient care, will be enjoyed for far longer.

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