Introducing Nuance IQ: The new home of AI innovation

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes, we’re excited to finally launch Nuance IQ—the home of AI innovation. Each quarter through a webinar, infohub and digital magazine, we’ll take an in-depth look at the freshest insights and biggest innovations in AI across the world.

Nuance IQ is packed with exciting advancements in the field, interviews with the trailblazers leading the way, real-life examples of advanced AI technology in action, and much more. Our launch edition of Nuance IQ infohub is live right now, so check it to find exclusive content, like our recent webinar with innovation evangelist Tom Hebner.

And as if that weren’t exciting enough, just published the inaugural issue of our digital magazine, Nuance Innovation Quarterly, featuring even more insights and inspiration for your own AI journey.

Spring 2019: The human-AI interaction edition

Our launch edition is all about the human-AI interaction, exploring why humans and AI shouldn’t be seen as alternatives, but as a powerful team, with each learning from the other.

In this edition, you’ll find:

  • An exploration into why humans and AI make the perfect partnership
  • An in-depth look at Agent AI, making customer interactions smarter than ever
  • A close look at how a major bank is beating fraudsters with Nuance biometrics

Happy reading!

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